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Beacon Roof in 3D
June 7, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter.  

Beacon 3D+ transforms smartphone photos of any home into accurate measurements and a fully customizable 3D model. 

Over the past year, technology has become an essential component in facilitating the connection between homeowners and roofing professionals. With the added challenge of starting your project without meeting with a contractor in-person, homeowners need to be aware of available tools that can alleviate some of the stress of beginning your roofing project.  

Video conferencing tools, for instance, are used every day by contractors to communicate with homeowner customers. Before visiting your home, most contractors must also complete the sales and estimating processes virtually. In short, there are many crucial steps that happen virtually before a roofing project is underway.  

When you meet with a contractor, you can ask them to use the Beacon 3D+ modeling app, created by Beacon Building Products, to visually build a model of a home, roof or both. With just eight photos, contractors can derive accurate measurements from the model, allowing them to provide you with precise estimates. 

This also can help with maintaining social distancing as you can capture the photos of your home and send them to the contractor. This would eliminate the need for contractors to visit your property first, however a safe distance can be maintained regardless of whether the homeowner or contractor takes the initial photos.  

With the Beacon 3D+ Platform you will:  

  • Obtain detailed exterior measurements for every facet of any home or roof. This means you'll receive a reliable and fast estimate from your contractor.  

  • Gain project clarity by seeing what the project will look like after completion. 

How it works 

  • Contractors or homeowners capture eight photos using the Beacon 3D+ app. Photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud. 

  • A model is created from the photos and contractors receive accurate exterior measurements. 

  • Customize the property’s roof, siding, windows and more through the Beacon 3D+ design features on the interactive 3D model. 

Tell your contractor to try Beacon 3D+ today! 

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