Elite Roofing Drones are Essential

5 reasons drones are becoming essential in roofing

By Elite Roofing. From time efficiency to better documentation, utilizing drones can make contracting easier and safer. Over the last few years, the roofing industry has made significant strides in adopting technologies that aid in moving the industry forward. One such technology is drone systems, which have completely changed ...

RCS Rain or Shine Solar Panels

Rain or Shine, This Tire Manufacturer is Driving Toward Carbon Neutral

By Dani Sheehan. Learn how Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) is moving toward a more sustainable future and why every roof could benefit from a solar system. A new solar panel installation being built on the Falken tire manufacturing facility in Thailand will become the largest solar panel installation in the ...

solar energy shingle

GAF Energy Recalls Timberline Solar Energy Shingles Due to Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

By U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The electrical components in the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle were recalled July 27, 2023 as a fire hazard due to potential malfunction. Recall details Description This recall involves TLS-1 jumper modules and TLS-1 energy shingles that were installed as part of a residential solar energy system. The energy ...

LP Building Reduce Heat

How a Double Roof System Can Reduce Heat

By LP Building Solutions. With a ventilated double roof system, homeowners facing extreme heat will have a reduced home temperature. Homeowners who live in warmer areas are likely thinking about how to reduce the temperature of their homes. When your home is cool, you are more comfortable, and you can ...

RCS Solar Roof Withstands Weather

How Do Solar Roofs Interact With Different Types of Weather?

By Evelyn Witterholt. Learn how solar roofs work with different types of weather like rain, snow or extreme heat. The incentives for homeowners to put solar on a roof are stronger than ever. There are the obvious benefits of harnessing sustainable energy and lesser-known benefits like financial incentives. You might ...

TRA Snow Retention

Snow Retention Systems Can Save Roofs

By TRA Snow & Sun. In regions where heavy snowfall is common, installing snow brackets can truly be lifesaving. Snow retention systems, also known as snow brackets or snow guards, are incredibly important roofing features for buildings located in regions that commonly get heavy snow. Snow brackets are designed ...

RPS Roofing Visualizer

Plan Your Next Project With the RPS Roofing Visualizer!

By Anna Lockhart. Having a hard time deciding between materials or color palettes for your next project? Try out the RPS Metal Roofing & Siding Roofing Visualizer Portal! RPS Metal Roofing & Siding is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality equipment and materials designed to help contractors install the best possible ...

kelly roofing  - solar roof - tesla - pr -2023

Kelly Roofing Goes Global With First International Tesla Solar Roof

This installation has opened up new possibilities for the next steps in solar roofing installations. Kelly Roofing has completed the first-ever international Tesla Solar Roof installation, marking a significant milestone in green energy innovation. The Florida-based company managed negotiations, logistics and operations to extend its services into the international field, starting ...

RCS Robots installing Shingles 4.3

Robot Contractors of The Future

By Yvette Cruz The future of roofing installation is in the hands of Renovate Robotics as they build the first robotic shingle installer. Roofing repairs aren’t always as simple as they need to be. Between 45-degree angles and multiple story buildings there are challenges and safety concerns. Some contractors use ...

AAR Smart Drain

Stop Rooftop Issues Before They Even Start

By Cass Jacoby. How to use technology to avoid a roofing disaster and extend the lifespan of your roof. Preventative roof care is the best way to avoid roofing problems. Your roof, as one of the most vulnerable parts of your home, needs regular inspection, maintenance and repair ...

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