Reviews are in for Stormseal

Stormseal Reviews are in
February 23, 2021

By Lauren White, RCS Reporter. 

Hear for yourself how this innovative and durable film is both contractor and homeowner approved. 

Stormseal provides contractors and homeowners with a high-quality, innovative alternative to tarps.  Made of polyethylene resins combined with fire-retardant and ultraviolet-resistant additives, Stormseal is a strong and lightweight film that heat-shrinks to protect and weatherproof damaged structures.  Tested in some of the most severe elements, Stormseal can withstand hail storms and winds up to 150 mph without ripping, tearing, leaking, blowing off or collapsing.  

Homeowners who have suffered from storm damage are raving about Stormseal.  This is what they’re saying

Wilfred, a homeowner, shares, “There’s no way in the world the water is getting in or out.”  Before having Stormseal installed, a tarp was covering Wilfred’s roof.  Whenever there was a storm, the wind would lift up the tarp and rain would come into his home in all directions.  He notes, “It’s possible with a tarp [to] get water in your house, but you cannot with this.  It’s great, I love it.” 

Kumar had a portion of a tree fall onto his home, damaging his roof and causing water to leak into his kitchen.  Some temporary repairs were done, but they caused more harm than good.  Later, Stormseal came and installed their film on his roof, which Kumar was very pleased with, stating, “It’s snug against the roof.  I don’t think it’ll be flapping around or anything like that.  It looks like a very good product and they did it fairly quickly and easily.” 

Contractors also can’t get enough of Stormseal, which is made in America.  It only takes one day to become an accredited Stormseal installer with their hands-on training program.  Throughout the day they cover everything from how Stormseal started to safety during installation.  Their step-by-step training leaves attendees feeling confident in their abilities to install Stormseal. 

Matthew Lennox, the founder and managing director of Stormseal explains, “Most of the people getting the training are looking for a better solution...They’re the ones who get the call at 2 a.m. saying that the tarp has failed, and they’re sick and tired of having that happen.  They’re looking for something that’s going to work.” 

Homeowner and contractor approved, Stormseal is innovative, durable, and has been tested in some of the most extreme environments and conditions.  The testimonials above prove that Stormseal is a better and more effective alternative to using tarps.   

Hear more about Stormseal here

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