Replacing a Roof? Consider These Factors

McElroy Consider the Factors
July 31, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Anna Lockhart.  

Replacing a roof is no simple task and can be a big investment, so it is crucial to consider these factors, as outlined by McElroy Metal, when choosing a new roof replacement. 

There might come a time when your roof needs to be replaced; it could be due to age, damage or natural wear and tear. Considering that replacing a roof is a major investment, it is important to know the signs that indicate it’s time for a replacement and what to consider when selecting a new roof. There are four factors you should keep in mind when considering a roof replacement:  

First, take a look at the current condition of the existing roof and take stock of any damage such as leaks or missing shingles. By considering the state of the roof as well as its age – the average shingle roof’s lifespan is 15-25 years – you should get a good idea of how quickly you need to replace the existing roof. A professional roofing contractor can conduct this assessment. 

Secondly, it is critical to take into account the region in which you live and what the annual climate looks like in that area. From frequent high winds and snowstorms to high heat and extreme humidity, each geographical region has a particular set of climate conditions that a roof needs to be fit to withstand. 

It is worth considering the effects certain roof choices will have on your home’s energy efficiency, in addition to your curb appeal. If a roof is poorly insulated or old, it can lead to higher energy bills. And with endless options of roofing materials on the marketing, you can make a stunning and modern statement with your home’s new look. For example, choosing a metal roof can elevate and modernize a traditional home and make it stand out.  

A new roof can make a world of a difference for the appearance of your home, in addition to its protection. Moving forward with such an investment is beneficial not only to maintaining the quality of your home but increases the resell value.  

Read the full article from McElroy Metals to learn more about the four key factors homeowners should consider when looking to replace their roof!   

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