Q & A - Fascia Boards, How Do I bend Them?

June 5, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

How do I bend the fascia without cutting it?

Adam Asked, "I have some rounded corners on a porch. The fascia board was put up with relief cuts on the backside of the board to allow it the wood to bend around the corner hip. Because of this it has leaked for many years in this area and damaged the fascia and soffit. We want to repair this but don’t have any idea how to bend the fascia without cutting it. Can you help?"

Adam, I am not sure what you have available where you are from but look for a product called Trex. Home Depot stocks it out west. It is very flexible and looks like real wood just slightly thinner at one inch thick. Another trick is to use two 7/16th hardboard cut to the dimension you need. Hardboard is used on the undersides of soffit many times and has a nice and smooth finish. The thin boards can be bent with ease around the radius you have and installing the second board on top of the first will look like one perfectly installed radius fascia board. Once you get primer and paint on it nobody will know it is two boards sandwiched together.

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