Performance That Inspires

TAMKO Performance that Inspires
April 17, 2021 at 6:00 A.M.


The already powerful engineering behind TAMKO’s line of premium architectural shingles is now better than ever.  

The new series of premium architectural shingles, the Heritage Proline™, is now featuring two innovative shingles: Titan XT™ and StormFighter IR™. Brought to the industry by TAMKO, these advanced shingles include some of the industry’s most extreme technology like TAMKO’s AnchorLock™ layer polyester reinforcement technology and Advanced Fusion™ sealants. These properties give the new shingles the qualities and performance that inspired the roofing industry’s first WindGUARD™ Warranty, which provides coverage up to 160 mph and requires only four nails when using the TAMKO® Starter.* 

These shingles also feature the expanded Rapid Fire Zone™, TAMKO’s largest defined nailing zone,** and a proprietary UltraMAX Weathering™ layer of enhanced and optimized shingle top coating for a weathering layer of asphalt designed for protection.  

Titan XT™ 

With powerful engineering, Titan XT™ shingles are designed to offer an advantage for both homeowners and contractors, combining in-demand product features into one Extreme Technology shingle. TAMKO designed Extreme Technology to help weather extreme conditions. Titan XT features the Rapid Fire Zone™ expanded nailing zone, made possible through the AnchorLock™ layer polyester reinforcement through the common bond area. Titan XT™ includes the innovative WindGUARD™ high wind warranty, and also features TAMKO’s proprietary Advanced Fusion™ family of enhanced sealants and UltraMAX Weathering™ top coating. See the difference with a reinforced common bond and a wide nailing zone. Feel the difference with a heavier-weight shingle and enhanced weathering layer. Experience the difference with a sealant that fuses quickly and a high wind warranty up to 160 mph.  

StormFighter IR™ 

StormFighter IR™ shingles boast the industry’s highest wind warranty available in an Impact Rated asphalt shingle. Both layers are reinforced over the entire backside of the shingle with our proprietary AnchorLock™ layer technology that provides the reinforced qualities that helped StormFighter IR shingles qualify for a UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Rating. The unique poly-fabric layer anchors nails into the expanded Rapid Fire Zone™ nailing zone for our fastest, easiest installation and the WindGUARD™ high wind warranty boasts coverage up to 160 mph with only four nails installed in the well-defined wide nailing zone, when using TAMKO Starter.*  

* Please consult TAMKO’s Limited Warranty and Application Instructions for any requirements or limitations. 

** Compared with TAMKO’s Heritage® shingles manufactured in Kansas, Maryland, Missouri and Texas. 

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Original article source: TAMKO 


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