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Vicwest Modern Metal Roofs
May 23, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Vicwest.  

Metal roof tiles bring traditional home designs up to date and modernize them to fit the trends of today’s market! 

Metal roof materials aren’t just for newer build designs. Any home, traditional or modern, can freshen up its look with a metal roof.  

Breakthrough design styles among metal roof tiles are emerging left and right, paving the way for endless design possibilities for every home. From replica wood shakes and terracotta tiles made from metal matching a traditional architectural style such as Victorian, Colonial or even midcentury — there is a metal tile style out there waiting for you and your home!  

A metal roof tile is stamped with an image of the wood shake or slate stone texture to give it a natural finish. But nothing in nature is perfectly uniform. So, the trick to ensuring your metal roof looks as natural as possible is to choose a tile that considers nature’s imperfections. 

True Nature is a metal roof tile that comes in multi-width impressions, so tiles blend seamlessly without hard lines or edges. Additional corrugation adds weight and texture to the tile, which also helps enhance its realism and also adds to the tile’s strength. 

When creating the True Nature tile, the Vicwest design team noticed that the paint application can make even the most realistic impression appear fake. To overcome this, Vicwest, in collaboration with Sherwin Williams, have developed a proprietary paint process that produces varying stones and shades when evenly applied – just like color variation appears on natural materials.   

These innovations make protecting a centuries-old home with a metal roof the smart choice. Not only will it offer a greater ROI by extending the lifespan of your home, but a metal roof can also boost an older home’s energy efficiency and reduce its environmental impact overall. And now, thanks to innovative products like True Nature, the design options for integrating modern metal technology and classic architecture are finally looking up.   

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Original article source: Vicwest

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