Get the Performance of Metal and the Aesthetics of Natural Materials With this Roofing Shingle

Vicwest True Nature
January 30, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby.  

Don’t sacrifice performance and protection for curb appeal, use this product that lets you have your cake and eat it too! 

Making a decision on your roof that accounts for curb appeal as well as performance can feel impossible. Maybe it’s because you love cedar shakes but hate the way they rot, or that you want slate on your roof without the added weight or possibility of breakage. Finding a happy medium between aesthetic and function isn’t impossible though. Not with Vicwest True Nature Metal Roof tiles! 

Vicwest’s True Nature metal tiles look and work better than traditional materials when it comes to protecting your home. Whether it’s shake from a cedar tree, slate quarried from a mountainside, or terracotta molded from clay – Vicwest’s proprietary engineering process has enabled them to create metal casts that look unprecedentedly realistic. 

That’s right, you can now get curb appeal that lasts a lifetime with these versatile, highly durable yet economical roofing and siding solutions for virtually every project type. Vicwest's revolutionary True Nature Metal Roof tiles provide a premium look and high-performance protection from the elements with a lifetime of protection. 

Known as one of the most durable and longest-lasting roofing materials on the market, metal roofing can withstand almost anything Mother Nature has to offer. Metal roofs are one of the longest-lasting roofs available, lasting two to three times longer than traditional roofing materials, which need to be replaced as often as every 12 years. 

Plus, unlike traditional roofing materials, metal roofs require little to no maintenance. Metal roofs and siding resist water damage, rust and wind uplift. No shingle damage means no costly patch jobs. When you consider the many advantages of metal roofing with the look of natural roofing materials, you truly get the best of both worlds. 

As you can see from checking out the True Nature metal roof gallery, True Nature metal roof tiles offer beauty and design versatility. These roof tiles are indiscernible from other roofing materials, with detailed sculpting along the edge of each True Nature tile gives it the visual weight of natural materials. This sculpting combined with multi-width imprints also eliminates the manufactured look often seen in metal roofing materials. 

Quadra-Loc technology locks the tile in place on all four sides, providing exceptional watertightness, wind uplift protection and protection to your home while creating a visually stunning home exterior. Consider this suburban home that has the look of slate roofing tiles with the performance of metal, this Quebec home that found metal tiles that visually compliment the aesthetic of their home, or this farmhouse which gives the owners a cedar shake roof that will last for decades more than actual cedar shake.  

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Photo credit: Vicwest 

About Cass  

Cass works as a reporter/writer for RoofersCoffeeShop, AskARoofer and MetalCoffeeShop. When she isn’t writing about roofs, she is putting her Master degree to work writing about movies and dancing with her plants.

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