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March 30, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cayden Wemple.  

Often overlooked, indoor air quality is a massive factor in maintaining overall building safety. 

There’s nothing worse than being in a building where it’s hard to breathe. It’s often not accounted for, but there’s a good chance that it’s hard to breathe because the air quality in the building hasn’t been checked. Although a little niche, there are companies like Pure Air Controls WTI, which is a subsidiary of the Tremco CPG family, that are indoor air quality control checkers. Barrington Green, a supervisor from WTI sat down with hosts, Megan Ellsworth and Lauren White to discuss the importance of air quality control on a new episode of the AskARoofer Podcast. 

The air conditioner is often what has the most effect on a building’s air quality and Barrington told the hosts, “Most building owners are becoming aware of basic indoor air quality and how the air-conditioner system may affect the quality of the indoor air.” However, what most people do not know is that there are literal building scientists that come and inspect building’s air quality. It's best to have a professional assessment so that they can identify the current environmental condition of the building,” says Barrington. “The items that need attention and pretty much prescribe proper course of action once they come up with what's wrong with the building.”  

It’s important to note that almost every building has mold, according to Barrington. “It doesn't matter if you see it or not. It's there. It's within the environment, so we live with it, but it depends on the extent of the mold that we're going to say, ‘Okay, look, something needs to be done.’” Barrington continues, “Most building owners are responsible for providing a safe, healthy environment for you guys to be in while you work. Building health checks will provide you the occupants with the necessary tools to say, ‘Okay,’ to make sure all the precautions are met.” 

Listen to the full conversation about indoor air quality control here. 

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