Family Roofing Company Focuses Philanthropy on Supporting Small Business

RCS Supporting Small Business
May 2, 2021 at 6:00 A.M.

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter 

TEMA Roofing matches donations to deliver a large check to the Salvation Army of Youngstown and the Second Harvest Food Bank. 

"Shop Local! Give Hope!" inspired the city of Youngstown, Ohio and the Mahoning Valley to purchase gift cards from local businesses. The program pledged to donate two percent of the proceeds to Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley and the Salvation Army of Youngstown.  

$500 each was delivered to Second Harvest Food Bank and the Salvation Army when TEMA Roofing Services matched "Shop Local! Give Hope!" program donations.  

TEMA is already well known for its charitable work with the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley. TEMA’s vice president, Justin Froelich, says his team specifically wanted to support an initiative focused on local business sales. "I just thought it was a perfect fit and a perfect contribution for TEMA [to] match," Justin told Mahoning Matters

TEMA, as a family company, has a long history of supporting local businesses. "That was one thing that struck me, keeping business local, working with family-owned businesses, startups, that sort of thing. Especially with the type of year we [had] going into the holidays," Justin recounted. "At the end of the day, I think it's important if you want to have a successful local business, you really need to contribute back to the community that provides you your living." 

Mahoning county major, Paul Moore, told Mahoning Matters the donation went to the Salvation Army's general fund. Additionally, throughout the pandemic, up to 75 percent of funds collected went towards providing food to Valley residents.   

"We were excited to receive the funds, obviously. They're a huge help this year, especially with all the COVID needs," Paul said to Mahoning Matters. He continues to say that he is thrilled to "know that there's some wonderful businesses and wonderful people in the Valley that are graciously willing to support charities like the Salvation Army and [Second Harvest Food Bank]."  

The Salvation Army and Second Harvest officials told Mahoning Matters they are thankful for everyone who participated in Shop Local! Give Hope! 

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