Elastoflex SA V Plus Self-adhered Membrane Will Make Your Roof Stronger

Polyglass Elastoflex
October 13, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

By Polyglass. 

Thicker membranes can help you design a durable and tear-resistant roof system. 

The Elastoflex SA V Plus is a self-adhered modified bitumen membrane that can make low-slope roofs more resilient. As a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, Polyglass U.S.A., Inc., is always developing better roofing solutions to elevate roofing to a new level, and the Elastoflex SA V Plus self-adhered membrane is no different. The 100-mils (2.5 mm) thick base sheet can be used for multi-ply low-slope roof systems and when used with a Polyglass cap sheet will help you build a hardy roof. 

Finished with laylines, Elastoflex SA V Plus installs easily and adheres to a variety of substrates, including non-primed insulation, cover boards and wood decks. A fire-rated option, Elastoflex SA V Plus FR, is also available. 

Joining the ADESO® Dual-Compound Self-Adhered product family, Elastoflex SA V Plus provides for a faster application and saves on labor. Engineered for long-term performance, Elastoflex SA V Plus is manufactured with an SBS (elastomeric) formulation on the top weathering side of the reinforcement and an aggressive self-adhering formulation on the bottom side. Utilizing a premium SBS compound provides superior low-temperature-flexibility and long-term weathering performance. 

“We are excited to provide a new self-adhered roofing solution” says Polyglass CEO Natalino Zanchetta. “Thicker membranes enable the design of highly durable roof systems that are resistant to punctures, hail, tears and abrasions.” 

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Original article source: Polyglass

About Polyglass

Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems. Known for its self-adhered modified bitumen roofing systems based on the company’s patented ADESO® Technology and CURE Technology®, Polyglass also produces a full line of premium roof coatings and roof maintenance systems. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Polyglass provides quality products and adds value through innovation.


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