Spray Foam and Coatings Revive Roofs of Eichler Homes

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June 5, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Karen L. Edwards. 

Mid-century modern style homes are ideal candidates for this energy-efficient roofing system. 

If you’re in California, you’ve probably heard of an Eichler home. Joseph Eichler was a 20th century real estate developer known for his Mid-century modern style tract houses in California, most notably in the San Francisco Bay and Greater Los Angeles areas.  

Eichler built more than 11,000 homes between 1950 and 1974 in these areas. While he wasn’t an architect, he developed a distinct style of home known for its flat roof that many other builders mimicked. The style is known today as California Modern Style.   

Ideal solution for flat roofs 

When these thousands of Eichler homes need their roofs replaced, many of the owners are choosing spray foam systems that are finished with a highly reflective coating. Abril Roofing Inc. is a contractor serving the Bay Area that has installed these systems on more than 1,500 Eichler homes.  

They market their spray polyurethane (SPF) roof as EcoFoam™ and describe it as “the ideal solution for energy-conscious Bay Area homeowners seeking the highest performing and sustainable options available.” According to Abril Roofing, there is “no other material on the market more effective and energy efficient.” 

An energy-efficient choice 

General Coatings, the manufacturer of the SPF system, says that the foam acts as an excellent insulator for the home, being applied as a seamless membrane that seals tight around every penetration. The efficiency continues when the SPF is finished with a reflective coating from General Coatings, which can reduce cooling costs and meets California’s Title 24 requirements.  

Abril Roofing explains, “The cells of the foam contain an inert gas that resists temperature change. The result is a high R-6.5 per inch insulation rating. This rating, combined with the reflective topcoat, can achieve up to a 15-degree temperature reduction on hot days.” 

A healthier home 

Because SPF seals the home, filling every cavity, crack or void, it contributes to the overall comfort inside the home. Air infiltration is dramatically reduced so the inside environment is draft free with minimal dust or mold infiltration.  

If your flat roof is in need of replacement, consider the system that thousands of Eichler homeowners have trusted, an SPF roofing system.  

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