Distraction or Opportunity?

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March 9, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Yvette Cruz. 

Teachable moments when a school roof is needed 

No one better understands the adverse effects of distraction inside a classroom better than teachers. Unfortunately, no one can plan for unexpected events to take place. Nathaniel Morton Elementary School was in need of a new roof. After being told the construction would run through November, the administrators and teachers banded together to make the best of the situation. Instead of fighting for the attention of their students, the school created “Nathaniel Morton Build Day,” celebrating the different crafts and skills that goes into construction work.  

Contractors of family members and businesses were invited into the classrooms to explain what was being done to their school. Participating in the events were teachers and administrators dressed in Morton crew t-shirts and reflective vests. Principal Michael Spencer even went as far as to dress up as Bob from Bob the Builder, a cartoon for kids specializing in construction and problem solving. Students were given yellow plastic hardhats to participate in this day and were encouraged to build with Legos and popsicle sticks. With supervision, children were even allowed to practice using power drills. When the students weren’t being hands on, the children were set up with PowerPoints and lectures on structures of buildings, materials used and safety procedures.  

Jason Wagner, project manager for the roofing project for Gale Associates, brought in materials directly from the roof to show the children what was being installed and how they were going to do it. Jason said, “Roofing contactors usually try to start and finish school roofing projects during the summer months. And the Nathaniel Morton project was even fast-tracked.” Sadly, due to COVID-19, materials were delayed which postponed the project start date and is why the project was being worked on through the school year. However, there is some good news! Contractors stayed busy working top to bottom on the century-old chimneys, installing better roofing material and stability.  

Not only was this a great way to pay tribute to the tireless work that contractors and other industry officials put in to everyday projects, but it was a powerful way to expose young minds to useful tools for the future. “We want to promote the industry, promote the trades and mostly let our kids have fun as they design and make things throughout the day,” Michael said. Allowing students an insight to the industry is allowing them more opportunities in middle school and their district’s technical studies program in high school. This exposure to the trade could allow other career opportunities in their futures. 

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About Yvette 

Yvette Cruz is a writer for RoofersCoffeeShop, MetalCoffeeShop and AskARoofer. She is also a dedicated background actor for various film projects. Besides work, she spends her time with her family, reading and cooking.  

Photo source: www.wickedlocal.com

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