Contractor Insights: Ryan Kruse, FL Specialty Roofing

Contractor profile Ryan Kruse
August 20, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.

Ryan Kruse, CFO of FL Specialty Roofing, shares the top three things homeowners should ask their roofers about roof replacements.

When you start a roofing project you need top-line information, and you need it fast. That’s why we bring you our “Contractor Insights.” Who better to give you down-to-earth guidance than experienced roofers? This month we’re featuring insights from Ryan Kruse, CFO of FL Specialty Roofing out of Ocala, Florida.  

Q: What are the top three things homeowners should ask a roofer about when looking for a replacement roof? 

A: The most important criteria homeowners should seek out when vetting a roofing contractor are: 1) Experience with the desired product or roof system; 2) Relevant referrals from similar customers; and 3) Proper certifications, insurance, licensure and accreditations including manufacturers certifications. 

Q: Why should homeowners seriously consider composite roofing when looking for a roof? 

A: Composite roofing systems allow you to get a premium aesthetic while performing better than the natural alternatives. Price can often be more favorable as well, so as a homeowner, you can achieve a superior look to your roof with long lasting benefits and performance — all while saving versus the alternative. 

Q: What are your best “homeowner survival tips” for getting through a roofing installation?  

A: Homeowners should be aware that a roofing project truly is a construction site, especially during the tear off phase, and to treat the project accordingly. We recommend you prepare ahead of time. You can remove fragile items from the porch, kennel pets during the tear off phase, and present a list of concern areas to your contractor. This can go a long way in ensuring a smooth project. Also, always communicate any property concerns or challenges to your contractor so you can work together to alleviate any stress. 

Q: If there’s storm damage involved to a roof, what tips do you have for a homeowner working with an insurance adjuster? 

A: Document everything and be well versed in your home insurance policy. Many roofing contractors can assist with verifying the damage and scope of work. However, being aware of the individual policy and details, along with documenting all communication, inspections, and property damage, goes a long way in securing proper reimbursement for your storm damage. 

Q: Why has your company chosen to recommend DaVinci composite roofing to your customers? 

A: We recommend DaVinci products to our customers because they always deliver a great looking, top performing, and fair priced product. Whether we are suggesting anything from a staggered DaVinci Multi-Width Slate to a Select Shake or Province Slate, we know our customer will always be happy with the finished roof. 

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