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September 11, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.

Experienced roofer Landon Coggins answers homeowners top questions about roofing.

When you’re facing a roofing project, you have lots of questions. That’s why you’re here. That’s good, because we have down-to-earth answers. Our “Contractor Insights” feature connects you with the best roofers across America. This month experienced roofer Landon Coggins, Co-Owner of Apex Home Solutions in Oregon City, Oregon, answers the questions you need to know before tackling your roofing project:

Q: What are the top three things homeowners should ask a roofer about when looking for a replacement roof? 


  1. Experience and credentials: Inquire about the roofer's experience in the industry and their credentials. Ask if they are licensed, insured, and certified by relevant roofing associations. 
  2. Material options: Discuss the various roofing materials available and ask for recommendations based on your specific needs. Inquire about the durability, lifespan and maintenance requirements of each option. 
  3. Warranty and guarantees: Ask about the warranties offered by the roofer and the manufacturer of the roofing materials. Understand the coverage provided and any conditions or limitations associated with it. 

Q: Why should homeowners seriously consider composite roofing when looking for a roof? 

A: Start with the durability of composite roofing. It’s made to withstand harsh weather conditions, resist damage from UV rays, moisture and pests. Next, there’s the aesthetics of the product. Composite roofing can mimic the appearance of natural materials like wood or slate, offering a wide range of design options to enhance the curb appeal of a home.  

Additionally, composite roofs often have a longer lifespan compared to traditional roofing materials. This reduces the need for frequent replacements and saves homeowners money in the long run. And finally, there’s an energy efficiency component to consider. Some composite roofing options are designed to improve energy efficiency by reflecting sunlight away from the home. This helps reduce heat transfer, potentially lowering cooling costs. 

Q: What are your best “homeowner survival tips” for getting through a roofing installation?  


  1. Secure pets: Consider kenneling or confining pets to a safe area during the installation process to prevent them from getting injured or interfering with the work. 
  2. Protect landscaping: Prior to the installation, do a walk-through of your property with the roofing contractor to identify any valuable landscaping that may need protection. Discuss measures to safeguard these areas during the project. 
  3. Communicate with neighbors: Inform your neighbors about the upcoming roofing installation to manage any potential inconveniences and ensure a smooth process for everyone involved. 

Q: If there’s storm damage involved to a roof, what tips do you have for a homeowner working with an insurance adjuster? 

A: Start by documenting the damage. Have a professional take clear photographs or videos of the roof damage as evidence for your insurance claim. Make sure to capture multiple angles and close-ups to provide a comprehensive view. 

Next, obtain multiple quotes. Get estimates from reputable roofing contractors to compare with the insurance adjuster's assessment. This can help ensure a fair evaluation of the damage and the associated repair costs. 

Then make sure to review your policy: Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy to understand the coverage and any specific requirements or limitations related to storm damage claims. 

And finally, and this is really important, maintain open communications. Stay in regular contact with your insurance adjuster. Provide any requested documentation promptly and address any concerns or questions they may have. You should also know that if the insurance adjuster comes back with a ruling that you do not agree with, you have the right to request a second review from your insurance company. 

Q: Why has your company chosen to recommend DaVinci composite roofing to your customers? 

A: There are four key assets that we’ve found with DaVinci products that cause us to repeatedly recommend them to our customers: 

  1. Quality and durability: DaVinci composite roofing is known for its high-quality materials and exceptional durability, providing long-lasting protection for homes. 
  2. Aesthetics: DaVinci offers a wide range of realistic and visually appealing roofing options, allowing homeowners to achieve the desired look for their homes. 
  3. Sustainability: DaVinci composite roofing is made from eco-friendly materials, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional roofing materials. 
  4. Warranty: DaVinci provides strong warranty coverage for their products, a lifetime limited material warranty, giving homeowners peace of mind and assurance in their investment. 

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