Composite roofing – 1. Squirrels – 0

DaVinci - Composite roofing – 1 and squirrels – 0
February 1, 2024 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.

Getting all the benefits with composite slate, minus the squirrels!

Homeowner Joseph Curran was not happy. As with most homeowners, his asphalt roof was failing. After 25 years of service, it was worn out. But he was mostly frustrated with the squirrels living in his attic. They were gnawing openings in the roof wall lines. That caused leaks. And, the scratching against the ceiling at night was annoying.

“I searched the top vendors for various roofing options,” says Joseph. “That’s when I discovered DaVinci Roofscapes. We could have spent less for an asphalt roof. Or, more for a slate roof. But DaVinci slate hit the sweet spot for us.”

Composite slate optionDaVinci Composite Roofing

Joseph and his wife really like the look of natural slate. They wanted to consider it as an option. But, didn’t want to deal with the need to reinforce the roof to support the heavy weight of slate. That led them to seek out alternative roofing materials. When they met with Gunner Roofing, they found out that they didn’t have to go to the expense of real slate to get what they were looking for. 

“We recommended DaVinci Single-Width Slate in a European blend as a cost-effective option,” says Andrew Prchal, president of Gunner Roofing, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor. “That allowed the Currans to upgrade from a traditional asphalt to a lower maintenance synthetic roof.”

In addition to being low maintenance, the DaVinci roof resists salt air and sea spray, which is a large concern to Joseph, since his home sits right on the Long Island Sound. And, if there’s stormy weather the family no longer has to worry. The composite slate roof stands up to high winds, hail and torrential rains. The impact- and fire-resistant roof is so durable it meets the demanding standards of Miami-Dade County code testing.

United in kicking out the squirrels

Once Gunner found out about the squirrels, he understood Joseph’s frustrations. He and his team installed the new composite slate roof in just two weeks. Despite some bad weather, the crew was dedicated to kicking the squirrels out and getting the new roof up.

DaVinci - Squirrel Attic“The Gunner team did a very good job on a pretty challenging project,” says Joseph. “Our roof has a lot of angles, skylights and snow guards. They listened to all of our concerns and finished the punch list of items to our satisfaction. When our existing wooden tool shed proved too rotten to support the new roof, they even rebuilt it and then put the new roof on! He explained, “I’ve already recommended Gunner Roofing to several family and friends. Their pricing was transparent and their reputation is well earned. As for the new composite slate roof, I think it has improved the look of our home. It’s got all the benefits we’re looking for, minus the squirrels, so it definitely hits our sweet spot!”

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