Coastal Florida home gets a gorgeous new blue roof

Dupont Tedlar Sailfish Point Florida Home
May 11, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

By Dupont™ Tedlar®. 

When a Sailfish Point family’s home needed a new roof, they decided to enlist the help of metal professionals to give their stunning coastal home a new look.  

For those living in the sunny coastal areas of the Southeastern United States, choosing a proper metal roof that is going to outlast the elements and natural disasters is a must. Dupont™ Tedlar® creates stunning metal roof panels in a variety of colors so that home and business owners can protect their properties in style.  

Sailfish Point, Florida, is a small island near Port St. Lucia and West Palm Beach; it is surrounded by beautiful blue skies and pure saltwater. Homeowners located there were looking to replace their roof that had been installed approximately 20 years ago and asked Total Roofing Systems to help them.  

The previous roof used a stone coated steel panel system. When the stone coat gets worn down with this type of system, the underlying steel gets exposed and begins to rust. Given the harsh saltwater environment, the roof had reached its limit, and the homeowners were looking for a longer-term solution.  

After reviewing competitive bids, Total Roofing Systems, ultimately advised the homeowners to select Tedlar® laminated on aluminum for a variety of reasons, but primarily because Teldar® has no coastal restrictions due to its extreme chemical and corrosion resistance. Additionally, they were impressed by the over 60 years of real-world data showing that Tedlar® maintains its initial appearance in the harshest of environments, including coastal settings.  

The homeowners are very pleased with their decision to use Tedlar® to protect their beautiful home, and that they know they have made a sound investment that will last for years to come.  

Project details: 

  • Location: Florida, United States 
  • Products: Blue Tedlar® on Aluminum 
  • Partner: Total Roofing Systems, Metal Alliance 

Original article source: Dupont™ Tedlar®

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