Q & A - What is a Bull Nose Hip Roof

December 11, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

What is a Bull Nose Hip? 

Most people have never heard of the word before. According to the Audels Carpenter and Builders Guide #4 this picture to the left can Jerkinhead bare roof be found and is described as a Bull-Nose Hip. It is also known as a Jerkinhead. For many years working with old school roofers, we have developed nick~names and terms from all kinds of sources.

The following are some named after animals like:

  • A Pigs Ear: When forming a sheet metal corner without cutting the excess sometimes creates a projection that looks like a little pig ear.
  • A Cricket: A sheet metal or wood structure behind a chimney to diverter water around to the sides and down the roof.
  • A Dog Leg Valley: This is a valley that meets a change in the roof pitch, the two angles create a dog leg turn in the valley.
  • A Fish Mouth: When a nail or staple is not driven completely in and holds up the shingle making a tiny mouth shape.
  • Alligatoring: The drying of oils in a BUR roof and then cracking occur that looks like an alligator skin as seen to the left.
  • Hog Valley: Where two lower ends of a roof are connected and roofed to carry the water out and way as seen here to the right.
  • Dog Eared Shingles: Notching the top edge of a shingle to direct water away from creeping across the top edge of a shingle. The asphalt has petroleum in it and can become sticky around metal like a valley. With the thickness of the top edge of materials – water can dam up along this top edge and move sideways and off the valley. Cutting a Dog Ear at the entrance area can stop the water from creeping in and causing problems.

I often wonder where they came from. All most likely have a little story behind their name that has been used for many years and will continue to be used for many more in the roofing industry. If you want to add to the list just leave a comment.

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December 11, 2013
Very interesting information, thank you for sharing.

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