Army Veteran Gifted New Roof

RCS Veteran Roof Interview
March 11, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Anna Lockhart. 

Jeff LaChance, an army veteran from Michigan, received a new roof after reaching out to his local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.  

After serving in the Panama Canal zone as a military police officer for the U.S. Army in the early ‘80s, Jeff LaChance returned to his hometown of Commerce Township in Michigan. Over the years, he eventually became the owner of the very home he grew up in. 

This past year, his beloved childhood home was in dire need of a new roof, but Jeff didn’t have the funds to finance such a project at the time. Hoping to find a way to fix the roof, he reached out to the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity hoping the organization would be able to help him. After hearing his story, Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County partnered with Owens Corning to rebuild Jeff’s roof for free.  

Owens Corning not only produces materials used in roofing but also founded the Owens Corning National Roof Deployment Project. This project works with local contractors to give back to local veterans and their families with a new roof, at no cost to the families. "We've done about 350 homes now for veterans in need within this area — so we love giving back to the community — that's the greatest thing," said Mike Borelli, Owens Corning area sales manager to Fox 2 Detroit. "Wintertime is coming and we want to make sure that the family — his grandkids are protected from all the elements." 

They were also able to coordinate efforts with a local contracting company, Schoenherr Roofing, to provide the labor needed to build the new roof.  

“Both my grandfathers are veterans; my father’s a veteran so [we have] a lot of veterans in the family,” said Ross Schoenherr, owner of Schoenherr Roofing. “We love veterans, and this is a great opportunity to be involved in.” 

Jeff was blown away by the kindness and willingness of complete strangers who wanted to help him.  

“You always think you can do it on your own, right?” Jeff said. “Many of us, it’s a human weakness that we have. And I finally recognized that I’m at a point where I needed the help.”  

Thanks to the kindness of local contractors and volunteers working with Habitat for Humanity, Schoenherr Roofing, and Owens Corning National Roof Deployment Project, Jeff finally got the roof he needed.  

Photo source: Fox 2 Detroit 

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Original article source: DECRA Metal Roofing

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