An Everlasting Roof for The Future

Vicwest Everlasting Roof
March 10, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Vicwest Inc

A roof built with nature in mind. 

Buying a first home together is the start of a journey. It’s the start of memories to come. Earlier this year, when a young couple needed to replace their roof on their new home, they wanted one that would endure what life threw at them. Choosing True Nature gave them reassurance that their home would be secured for many years to come.   

The Challenge 

No homeowner gets excited when they must replace their roof – and this couple was no exception. “We had been putting off the project for about a year – who looks forward to putting up asphalt shingles that only have to be replaced in another 10 years?” She had been exploring a metal roof as an option but was uncertain whether the look would suit her house. “Then I heard about True Nature metal roof tiles. I loved how the thicker profile makes the tiles look so natural, and yet they are so durable.” 

Spotlight on True Nature: 

True Nature metal tiles feature Quadra-Loc technology that locks each tile in place on all four sides. For the homeowners, who live in a windy area in rural Ontario, this was a critical performance feature. “We routinely have shingles fly off our roof during bad weather. A week after we installed our new True Nature roof, we had a really bad windstorm and I didn’t even have to think twice about it. The peace-of-mind is so worth it.”  

Thoughts from the Experts 

The homeowners partnered with Double AA Metal Roofing for the installation of the roof project. “The look of the tiles certainly makes it easy for a homeowner to get excited about a re-roofing project,” says Tim Easnor, of Double AA. The metal tiles were specified in an Ebony finish. Vicwest’s proprietary paint system gave the finished product a highly realistic look reminiscent of actual shake tiles. “The house is at a crossroads, so you can see it for miles,” says Easnor. “It was rather nondescript before, but that Ebony roof makes it a total stand-out.”  

The old asphalt was in rough shape, so Easnor recommended that the old shingles be removed off the house as they were quite worn out. “Removing the shingles also allowed us to ensure that the roof deck was still in good condition and didn’t need any panels replaced before we installed the new metal roof tiles.”   

About Double AA Roofing 

Double AA Metal Roofing is a well-established roofing company serving Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The Double AA Metal Roofing team has 20+ years of experience with steel materials. This experience level, combined with the technological advancements made in steel roofing products over the last decade, allows our company to provide a fantastic roofing option for homeowners. 

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Original article source: Vicwest

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