A Perfect Match With Sher-Color™

Sherwin-Williams Sher-Color
February 28, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.   

Sher-Color allows homeowners to precisely match the color of their metal roof for exterior accents.   

Did you ever notice that home improvement projects can have a domino effect with one project leading to the next? That is often the case when you have a beautiful new metal roof installed in a color that complements your home’s style. Suddenly the shutters look a little tired or dingy, or you decide that the entrance door might look really sharp if it matched the roof color.   

Matching the color of the roof has traditionally been a hit-or-miss process, with homeowners trying to match a photo of their roof to color swatches in the store. That is no longer the case with Sher-Color!  

Sher-Color is a proprietary software and tinting tool that allows Sherwin-Williams to precisely match the color palettes of various metal manufacturers. This is an exclusive program for manufacturers who work with Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings. Simply ask to get the manufacturer’s unique Sher-Color code. You can visit any one of Sherwin-Williams’ nearly 5,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada to buy matching paint for your exterior accents. This includes entrance railings, entry doors, garage doors, window trim, window shutters and more.   

So, next time you get a metal roof installed, be sure to ask for the manufacturer’s Sher-Color code to easily match the color of your roof, making your home improvement projects a breeze.   

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About Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings  

Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings delivers a full range of high-performance coatings in polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), silicone-modified polyester (SMP), and polyester formulas, designed to meet the most demanding environmental requirements while providing protection against weathering and pollution. The Coil Coatings Division is part of the Sherwin-Williams Performance Coatings Group, which supplies a broad range of highly engineered solutions for construction, industrial, packaging, and transportation markets in more than 110 countries in the world. Founded in 1866, The Sherwin-Williams Company is a global leader in the manufacture, development, distribution, and sale of paints, coatings, and related products to professional, industrial, commercial, and retail customers. For more information about Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, visit coil.sherwin.com.


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