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overlay vs tear out

Q&A – Pros and Cons of Overlay Versus Tear Off

This Washingtonian consulted the experts to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a roof overlay versus a tear off. Sheri, a homeowner in Washington state, had this question for our roofing experts: What are the pros and cons of doing an overlay verses a tear out? (Besides the obvious savings ...

metal panels

Q & A - Using Recycled Metal Roof Tiles...The Pro’s and Con’s

Pro's and con's of using recycled roofing materials. Lynn asked, "Would it be a bad idea to try to re-roof my 1500 square foot house (hip and approx. slope 3 and 12) with recycled metal Mexican barrel-style tiles removed from an old Sacramento building?" The pro’s and con’s...Recycling roofing materials can be ...

roof tear off

Tearing Off a Shake Roof

Tearing off a shake roof is a very dirty job. Today we have a few ideas that may help this job go easier for you. Most homeowners that attempt it will use a dumpster. Setting the dumpster as close as you can to the house is the best, so the roofing ...

Roofing Blog tear off

Q & A - Should I Tear My Roof Off?

Is it better to roof over my existing roof or tear the roof off? It’s that time of year again when re-roofing is on the mind of many people. When thinking about doing an asphalt roof job, some people think they can save a few bucks by roofing over the old ...

dryrot siding

Q & A - Asphalt Shingle Replacement and Old Felt

Is it better to take off old felt or leave it on during a roof replacement? Pam asked, "When replacing a roof with new asphalt shingles, is it best to take off the layer of old felt with the old shingles? Is it better to lay new felt over the old ...

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