Maintaining Your Roof

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Property Owners Urged to Request Stormseal® Protection for Damaged Structures

The innovative storm protection solution heat shrinks to damaged structures, providing superior protection over flapping tarps that lead to additional damage. Stormseal, the game-changing storm response solution that provides powerful protection to homes and buildings until permanent repairs can be made, is urging property owners in areas ravaged by hurricanes to ...

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From Roof to Foundation: Consult an Expert When Selecting Appropriate Waterproofing System for Any Structure  

Waterproofing is extremely important to protect every aspect of a structure's construction. Severe weather can cause extensive damage to a structure's roof, foundation, interior and more if not properly waterproofed. Waterproofing plays an extremely important role in protecting every aspect of a structure's construction. Knowing which waterproofing coverage to specify for a ...

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Is Your Commercial Roof Ready for Winter?

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.  If your roof isn’t prepped for winter, you risk suffering damage and leaking.  Most commercial roofing contractors offer spring and fall maintenance and cleaning to ensure your roof is in top-performing shape for the upcoming harsh seasons of winter and spring.   How well do you know your ...

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Winter is Coming…Here are 9 Tips to Prepare

By Lauren White, RCS Assistant Editor. Get your roof ready for whatever Mother Nature sends its way. The colder temperatures are here and some states have even had their first snowfall.  With that being said, it’s time to start winterizing and ensure your roof is ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to ...


The Most Common Causes of Roof Damage

When it comes to roofs, small problems can quickly become major ones, which is why it is important for homeowners to learn the biggest risks to their roofs and how to prevent or minimize damage. Improper Maintenance Perhaps the biggest risk to the roof is the inattention of the homeowner. It is ...

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What Can Happen to a Home When the Roof Fails

Eventually, every roof will fail and need to be replaced or repaired in some form. The roof endures all kinds of elements season after season, year after year, and the materials eventually wear down. The typical lifespan of a roof is anywhere between 12 and 20 years depending on the roofing ...

Fixing a Roof

How to Protect Your Home from Rainy Season

How to Protect Your Home from Rainy Season In some parts of the country, the rainy season can last several months in a row and maybe returning later for more. In other areas, the rainy season may just refer to a string of rainy days that last long enough to do ...

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4 Important Reasons to Maintain a Healthy Roof

Many homeowners don’t think about the health of their roofs and instead only react to problems as they arise. The problem with that approach is that it often results in emergency repairs that are both inconvenient and costly. The reality is, a home without a healthy roof is a maintenance disaster ...


Roofing Concerns for Homeowners in the Pacific Northwest

Each region of the country has climate concerns that impact how the inhabitants live. The Pacific Northwest is no exception. While we generally have mild weather, there are specific concerns that impact our roofs in negative ways. While these can be taken care of with regular maintenance and care, homeowners need ...


How to Deal with the Snow on Your Roof like a Pro

As most of us know, it snows regularly in temperate regions away from the equator. Snow can be fun and all, but it can also be a headache. A lot of snow piling up on your roof is definitely not good. Fortunately, there are ways you can take precautions against ...

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