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ASC 2023 Metal Roofing Trends

2023 Metal Roofing Color Trends: Gray and Black Reign Supreme

By ASC Building Products. Check out this trend overview for residential roof colors from BlueScope. In the world of residential metal roofing, 2023 is set to bring a combination of continuing and emerging color trends that mirror the changes in people's preferences and behavior. Residential design is adapting to ...

RPS Roof Sweating

Is Your Roof Sweating?

By RPS Metal Roofing. Understand why a roof sweats and how to prevent it from happening. Metal roofs are more prone to gathering condensation than other roofs. If your metal roof has been sweating, don’t worry! RPS Metal Roofing has some great tips to prevent it from happening. ...

Montross Metal Shingles

Montross Metal Shingles History of Roofing

Today lets take a look at the Montross Metal Shingle. It is a stamped sidewall and roofing panels with a couple of different designs. For the walls, a Gothic and Diamond Tile design, and for the roofs panels, the Eastlake and Octagon Shingle. I have seen another roof panel that looked ...


History of Roofing - TiteLock Metal Shingles

A little Roofing History TiteLock metal shingles were manufactured by Milwaukee Corrugated CO. in the early 1900′s and were designed with a side lap locking joint system that concealed the nails holding the panels down and yet allowed for expansion and contraction. The stamped profile you see in the ad below ...

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