History of Roofing

RCS History of Slate

A Building Material That Outlasts the Construction

By Dani Sheehan. Learn about the extensive history of slate as a building material and how it stands the test of time. Do you ever wonder who sat down and decided that certain substances would make for good building materials and then how they gained popularity? Julie Butler, the preservation ...

Western Colloid History of Coatings

The History of Roof Coatings and Restoration

By Anna Lockhart. Roof coating methods have significantly changed over the years. Experts from Western Colloid share their knowledge of the past methods of roof coating and how it has evolved into the materials we use today. In the first episode of Understanding Roof Restoration podcast, Karen Edwards ...

RCS Roofs Have Changed in 20 Years

3 Big Ways Roofs Have Changed in the Last 20 Years

By Cass Jacoby. Roofing materials and technologies have only gotten better since your roof was last replaced. Here are three big changes to know about. A roof replacement is a rare occurrence. Most roofs have a lifespan of about 20 years, sometimes even longer, so the chances of a homeowner ...

All points Tile From the Beginning

All Points From the Beginning

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter. All Points seeks to include you in their story by inviting you to share their passion and join their legacy with a tile roof of your own. January 1979, Penn Marshall joined an established contractor in the Central Florida roofing industry as an operations manager. ...

TAMKO 77 Years

From One Small Company to a National Presence in 77 Years

By TAMKO®. Celebrating years of hard work, entrepreneurialism and the American dream realized. While a lot has changed in the roofing industry and beyond since 1944, at least one thing remains the same – TAMKO Building Products LLC. This historic company recently celebrated 77 years in business and continues ...


History of Roofing Rite Grade Red Cedar Shingles

By Bob McCrickard. Rite Grade Inspected Red Cedar Shingles on your roof in the early 1900’s meant you had quality inspected product prior to installation. Editor's note: Thank you Bob for sharing your love of roofing history with others in the industry. Back in the day, this trademark was the property of ...

Ukraine Project III-min

Custom Downspouts - The Art of Rain

Rain gutters and downspouts have been around to control water draining from our roofs for centuries. Rainwater can do much damage to landscaping or the dwelling if not controlled by downspouts or waterspouts directing water out and away from a building. Many architectural stone sculptures depicting some sort of animals can ...


History of Roofing - 1923 Model T Roofing Truck

Compliments of The National Roofing Contractors Association Facebook page. Here is an example of an old roofing company truck. Charles Kirberg, the founder of Kirberg Company, St. Louis, poses with his son in front of his new Model T Ford pickup circa 1923! This company is still in business today. Have ...


Snow Guards - History of Roofing

Snow Guards, when installed on a steep slope roof, helps keep large piles of snow from sliding off the roof and damaging your property or even injuring someone in the wrong place at the wrong time. With a long tongue, these brackets are nailed on top of a course of slate ...


BIRD Shingles History of Roofing

Bird Shingles, one of the oldest manufactures of roofing products in the USA. Starting a business when George Washington was President of our country. The founder George Bird secured a license to build a paper mill using water wheels from the Charles River as the power plants. This plant was near ...

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