Going Green

RCS Green Roofs on Schools

Green Roofs on Schools Benefits Kids and Boost Sustainability

By Evelyn Witterholt. A new bill proposed would provide $500 million in funding for green roof systems on U.S. schools. Back in March, Representative Nydia M. Velazquez introduced the Public School Green Rooftop Program, a bill that intends to allocate funding for green roofs on public schools. The bill seeks ...

RCS Hospital Roof Garden

Hospital Roof Garden Improves Patient Care

By Cass Jacoby. Hospital installs eight raised garden beds on roof as part of initiative to provide food to patients and relive resident stress. Resident Deanna Huffman starts her typical afternoon shift for the Allegheny General Hospital sweeping around the garden beds and pruning the tomatoes. It might seem odd ...

GAF Solar Power Roof

Finally! A Solar Power Roof That Won’t Break the Bank

By Colin Sheehan. Earlier in August, a new bill was introduced that will make it more affordable for homeowners and business owners to install solar power roofs. The Revamping Appropriate Incentives for Solar Energy (RAISE) the Roof Act, introduced by New Jersey House Representatives Mikie Sherill and Bill Pascrell, Jr., ...

Malarkey Architectural Shingle Lines

Sustainably Crafted Shingles Reduce Landfill Waste and Better Protect Your Home

By Cass Jacoby. Malarkey’s newest shingle innovation is better for the environment and delivers a superior performance. Wouldn't car tires make the perfect roof shingle? It might seem like used tires are a bizarre choice in roofing material. Still, because they are engineered for durability and weather resilience, they ...

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