Going Green

Western Colloid Hot Trend of Cool Roofing

The hot trend of cool roofing

By Western Colloid. Here’s why upgrading a building for energy efficiency is a must for building owners. How can upgrading a roof for energy efficiency make a difference? When a building has a cool reflective roof, it can be beneficial to the overall sustainability of the structure. Cool roofs increase ...

C.I. Services Solar Moment in the Sun

Give your solar panels their moment in the sun!

By C.I. Services. Keep your solar panels functioning at their best with a professional solar panel cleaning service. Solar technology is on the rise, and it has become commonplace to see solar systems installed on buildings around town. Many businesses are incorporating solar panels into their energy systems, both because ...

Owens Corning considering cool roofs

Considering cool roofs: 7 common questions asked by homeowners

By Owens Corning. Learn more about cool roof technology and plan your roof replacement this summer. As summer gets underway and many parts of the U.S. prepare for soaring temperatures, roof technologies and materials can help support “cooler” residential environments. Below are seven questions homeowners often ask about cool roofs that use ...

JK Roofing Saving some green with solar

Saving some green with solar

By J&K Roofing. Learn how solar panels can save energy, helping both you and the environment! Across the country, there has been a rise in solar roofing technology because of its positive effect on your energy costs and carbon footprint. These panels are installed on top of your existing roof ...

Mr.Roofing Install Environmentally Friendly Shingles Today

Install environmentally friendly shingles today!

By Mr. Roofing. Check out this quick guide to four different types of shingles and their environmental impact. Asphalt shingles have been the traditional standard in the industry for decades due to their low-cost and easy installation! However, these traditional shingles often release pollutants during the manufacturing process and can ...

MRA barn with solar panels

Lessening environmental impacts, one roof at a time

Earth Day best practices start right at home, beginning at the roof you choose. The month of April and celebrating Earth Day are perfect reminders of how every improvement decision homeowners make has a major impact on the planet. That’s true especially when it comes to re-roofing. A recent Yale study has ...

MRA Cool Metal Roof

Unlock the full potential of your metal roof

By Dani Sheehan. Understanding the distinctions between cool roof finishes and thermal barriers is crucial to optimizing the energy efficiency and sustainability of your metal roof investment. You’ve decided on a metal roof for your home and you’re excited to reap the sustainability benefits that come with the investment. But ...

DaVinci recycled roofing vs. virgin resin

Recycled roofing versus virgin resin

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Looking to reroof your home with recycled materials? Understand the recycling process to ensure you aren't compromising durability when going green. On April 22, everyone’s attention turns to Earth Day. That’s a good time to think about our impact on the environment. However, if you’re looking for a roof ...

Certainteed - ShipNrack solar

SnapNrack and CertainTeed partner to help installers and homeowners go solar with complete peace of mind

Partnership sets new standard by providing homeowners with 25-year complimentary warranties that cover roofing material, solar mounting system, panels and solar installation workmanship. SnapNrack, a leading manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, and CertainTeed, a leading North American manufacturer of sustainable building materials, proudly announce that they are partnering to provide more ...

Tremco Efficiency of HVAC Systems

Improving the efficiency of HVAC systems

By Pure Air Control Services, TREMCO. Energy optimization is key due to its environmental and economic advantages, learn how it can be improved in commercial buildings! HVAC systems are key to both the comfort and functionality of commercial spaces due to their crucial regulation of temperature, humidity and air quality. ...

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