Q & A - Zero Lot Line Scaffold

May 24, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Is there a way we can fit the roof without the need for scaffolding on her property?

Christine asked, "We have been granted planning permission to build and roof a two-story extension to which our neighbor has actively objected to. Her mission it seems is to make our Home Improvement as expensive and difficult as possible. The boundary of our property is the edge of our house with a 6ft gap between our house and hers, so if we were to erect scaffolding it would be on her property. My question is this. Is there a way we can fit the roof without the need for scaffolding on her property?"

ACRO scaffold brackets offer a solution to your zero property line issues. When doing your roofing projects use the ACRO 12036 over wall sheathing just below the eave. This can provide a safe and convenient walkway for the installation of roof sheathing, fascia, and gutters. The ACRO 12070 is perfect for a safe shingle application. Please refer to ACRO Building Systems #12036 and #12070 for more details. Good Luck with your roofing project.

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