Why Layfast SBS is a Smart Choice

MBTech Layfast SBS
May 27, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter.  

Layfast SBS delivers a strong, long-lasting roof. 

Since 1983 MBTechnology has been committed to a single idea of engineering affordable premium roofing and underlayment systems that are also high performing. Layfast SBS is a fiberglass reinforced underlayment manufactured with synthetic rubber modified asphalt, or SBS, and is one of MBTechnology’s most important innovations.  

Most quality tile shingle and metal roofing manufacturers offer 30-plus year warranties that typically cover deterioration of the tile or shingle only. However, underlayment beneath the outer shingle provides a critical moisture barrier. All too often, inferior low life-expectancy underlayments, such as traditional roofing felt paper, compromise the system’s waterproofing ability and overall durability. Layfast SBS rubberized asphalt composition provides superior waterproofing, durability and fastener sealing. Its fiberglass reinforced base resists rot and wear better than traditional felt underlayments, making Layfast SBS one of the strongest and most durable watertight roofing underlayment available for your home.  

Best of all, Layfast SBS complies with and exceeds the physical requirements established by the international code council for underlayment for tile shingle and metal roofs and is covered by one of the best warranties in the business. Make the smart choice to upgrade your underlayment to Layfast SBS for a more resilient roof.   

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About MBTechnology  

MBTechnology was founded in 1983 and specializes in manufacturing SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing & Underlayment systems. These include a variety of systems, which can be applied through the use of cold adhesives, heat welding, or hot asphalt. The company specializes in manufacturing SBS-modified asphalt (bitumen) roofing membranes for residential and commercial application. The basic technology was developed in Europe and is one of the fastest-growing segments of both the commercial and residential roofing markets. 

Since 1983, MBTechnology has been committed to a single idea - engineering affordable premium roofing and underlayment systems that are better than any others on the market. At MBTechnology we recognize the value of not only providing quality products but also back it with details, specifications and inspections.


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