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Davinci What Colors do you see
June 9, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.  

Explore your color choices and visualize the perfect color for your home with this free color visualizer. 

The world is such a colorful place! And your “little piece of the world” has a wide selection of color palettes. From the trees and flowers blooming around your home, to the shutters on your house, and the roof way up high, your home’s got color! 

Roofing’s colorful impact 

If you’ve never thought about your roof as having a colorful impact on your house, then think again. To gain a really true image of your home exterior, look at it from the top down. Let your gaze start on the roof, then fall slowly down to the siding, windows, shutters and then your landscaping. How does it all fit together? Do you think you’d like to make some color changes? 

Fortunately, there are a number of free color visualizers available online that let you “play” with your home exterior to see how anything from a different siding to stone exterior would look on your house. There’s also a way to see what different roof colors and styles would look like. 

DaVinci offers you the free The Top Down Color Visualizer. Here you can upload pictures of your own home (or use available standard home pictures) to explore color choices. Not only can you see different roof selections, but you can “play” with siding, paint colors and other options! 

What homeowners are saying 

If you’re the kind of person who likes a traditional Slate Black or Slate Gray shingle on your roof, that’s great. But perhaps you’d like to “shake it up” with some other color options…or even variations of those standard colors. 

That’s exactly what David Wiley and Tom Nagel decided to do when they re-roofed their Kansas City area home. After consulting with DaVinci’s color expert Kate Smith, they dug deep and decided to add a multi-color combination of DaVinci Multi-Width Slate to their home. 

“We selected the Aberdeen blend,” says David Wiley. “It features Dark Gray, Light Brown, Dark Purple, Green Stone and Dark Stone.” 

Other homeowners are also shaking up their home exterior with great roof colors. Carol and Ray Knoff in Iowa knew exactly what they wanted when they decided to replace the roof on their 111-year-old Queen Anne style home. They had previously found a 300-year-old roof tile from a historic home in Des Moines, and they wanted to replicate the red to gray roof coloring. 

“We knew we’d need a top-quality roofing manufacturer to custom create the color for the slate tiles on our home so we started to research options,” says Carol Knoff. “All of our investigative work brought us to DaVinci Roofscapes. So, we loaded up the car with pavement samples and traveled from our home in Vinton, Iowa to their facility in Kansas to see if they could create what we needed.” 

The Knoffs were not disappointed. “The DaVinci team was as excited as we were about the challenge of custom creating the color for our roof,” says Knoff. “They worked with us to develop a color combination of Midnight Gray and Cottage Red that really ‘pops’ and gives a positive first impression of our home while helping define the roof lines and architectural style.” 

Free color support 

The bottom line for roof color selection is that it’s a personal choice. That’s why companies like DaVinci offer so many resources to help homeowners. 

“Oftentimes people have a good idea of where they’re headed with a roof color,” says Kate Smith, chief color maven with Sensational Color. “Other times we start at the very beginning. We’re here to help you understand how the roof color ties into the rest of the exterior elements of the home.  

“Subtle shades of color can be tricky. So is understanding how a color will look on a home during different times of the day. We work with these elements every day, and we’re really eager to help you understand how to make that all-important roof color selection that brings you long-term satisfaction.” 

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