Western Colloid Announces a Game-changing Product – 298 X Asphalt Emulsion

Western Colloid announces 298 X Asphalt Emulsion
February 5, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.

Western Colloid announces a new product to revolutionize the restoration of gravel roofs that have ponding water.

Western Colloid, the recognized leader in the roofing industry in fluid-applied reinforced roofing systems, announces the launch of 298 X Asphalt Emulsion, a product that revolutionizes the restoration of gravel roofs and ponding areas. 298 X Asphalt Emulsion contains a proprietary fire-resistant filler that increases the volume solids of the emulsion, making it much more effective as a fill coat over rough surfaces and to build up areas that have ponding water. 

“With 298 X, we’ve added a special lightweight component to the standard 298 Asphalt Emulsion to maintain volume after drying,” explained Western Colloid President Greg Hlavaty. “The increased volume lessens the shrinkage that usually occurs when used as a fill coat over gravel or in ponding areas after evaporation.” 

Western Colloid is a leader in developing systems to restore gravel roofs with their 298 Asphalt Flood Coat product that eliminates the need for a costly tear off and re-roof. The launch of 298 X allows contractors and building owners to achieve an even smoother surface on a roof restoration.

“Primarily, we're using it in gravel systems to fill voids, but it's also ideal in low and ponding areas as a ponding filler,” stated Hlavaty. “It’s also saving time and labor as in most cases a second pass is no longer needed when applying emulsion.”

Traditionally asphalt emulsion is not a high-solids product. The enhancement to produce the 298 X product transforms the standard asphalt emulsion into a high-volume solids product for enhanced performance and appearance. This formulation is currently being manufactured at the company’s Alvarado, Texas plant due to the high demand for re-roofing gravel roofs in that region. Production will be expanding in 2024 to their Oakland and Los Angeles, California plants. 

“We are excited for the potential of this product and soon we will be offering Western Colloid 298 X in a spreadable grade for more specific use in ponding areas,” said Hlavaty. “We are very excited to add that version as virtually every roof has some standing water somewhere.  In the future you will be able to just take a five-gallon pail of 298 X, apply it, let it dry, and continue with your installation.”

Be sure to visit Western Colloid’s website at www.westerncolloid.com for more information.

About Western Colloid

For over 50 years Western Colloid has been recognized in the roofing industry as a leader in FARR - Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing, Reflective Coating Systems and Premium Asphalt Sealcoats.  Headquartered in Southern California, with five other manufacturing plants and distribution centers, they can provide products to contractors and building owners anywhere in the Western and Mid-Western States.  Western Colloid is also known for extensive experience in coatings, pioneers in energy saving and cool roof products and unique paving solutions. Acknowledged for their exceptional customer service and training they also offer bulk transportation and delivery solutions with their own fleet of trucks, saving contractors time and money.

Western Colloid can be reached at 800-464-8292 or www.WesternColloid.com.

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