Two Cleanings a Year Keeps Repairs Away

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November 17, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Chicago Metal Supply. 

Standing seam metal roofs offer homeowners a durable system for the life of their home. Encouraging proper cleaning and maintenance will offer long-lasting aesthetics as well. 

The homeowner has chosen a beautiful standing seam roof, and your installation is flawless. But before you leave, make sure you cover the maintenance requirements to ensure your handy work does not lose its beauty or deteriorate prematurely. Below are a few tips to ensure your homeowner understands the maintenance for their new standing seam metal roof. 

Cleaning responsibilities 

As with every roofing material, standing seam roofing requires regular cleaning to maintain its optimal state. There are a few cleaning responsibilities that a homeowner will need to tend to. They include the following.  

Clearing debris 

Regardless of where a house is located, its roof is bound to take on debris over time. This debris will run the gamut from branches to leaves to floating garbage and otherwise. Its existence on a roof is detrimental not only because it impairs the roof’s appearance, but because it has the potential to trap water, leading to premature deterioration.   

At a minimum, you should have your roof cleared every year. However, ideally, you’ll have it done every four to six months. The more frequently your roof is cleaned by a professional, the longer it will maintain its shape over time. 

Removing algae 

In some cases, algae will grow on the top of a standing seam roof. Over time, this can result in serious aesthetic and functional impairment (it traps water, leading to early deterioration). As such, when algae arrive, you’re advised to remove it sooner rather than later (never let it linger longer than six months). 

In many cases, the removal of algae requires intensive scrubbing. A hired professional will need a few things. One of these is an algae cleaning solution. Another is a hard-thistle brush. It’s as simple as applying the solution and scrubbing it in. This will break up the algae, making quick work of the entire process.  

Note, bleach should never be used when cleaning a standing seam roof. Bleach is corrosive in nature and can wear away the protective coating on the roof. This can lead to an impaired aesthetic and a shortened lifespan. 

Other forms of standing seam roofing maintenance 

Cleaning and clearing will comprise almost all the maintenance needed for a standing seam roof. The only other maintenance that might be needed is repairs. For instance, if a panel is crushed by a particularly large branch, it might need to be replaced with a fresh panel. That’s about it as far as supplemental maintenance goes. 

Original article source: Chicago Metal Supply 

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