The Roof Tune Up Process

Go Roof Tune Up Tune Ups Explained
July 25, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Go Roof Tune Up

This procedure ensures your roof stays in top condition 

Your roof is a vital part of shelter as it protects you, your family and your home from the elements. For that reason, it is important that your roof stays in good condition throughout the year. When you invest in a roof tune up, you are taking a big step in the way of maintaining your roof. In part one we discussed what a roof tune-up is and why it is important, here we discuss what to expect when you get a roof tune up. 

Providing an in-depth rood inspection  

A roof tune-up involves having a professional roofer inspect your roof in detail. This goes beyond basic inspections. With a tune-up, roofers provide a more intensive inspection, including all components that affect your roof's condition. This inspection allows roofers to find minor problems that could become severe and costly if they are not promptly repaired. In general, tune-ups involve addressing more roofing issues than routine maintenance or repairs.  

Clearing debris  

Having debris build up on your roof can increase the risk of having moisture problems and other issues. Debris can prevent rainwater from flowing to your gutters, where it is then moved away from your home. Having debris on your roof can also block vents or damage other roof components by causing scratches, dents and other problems. During a tune-up, professional roofers remove debris on your roof to ensure a clean and clear surface.  

Sealing roof seams  

The seams of your roof help prevent water from seeping in. When these seams have gaps or damage, water can get into your roof and put your home at risk of more serious damage. Roof tune-ups often include having roof seams sealed to stop leaks from developing.  

Replacing shingles  

Storms and windy conditions can cause shingles on your roof to become loose. In severe cases, shingles can be blown off of your roof. Roof shingles can also deteriorate over time from wear and tear, which can also cause them to fall off. Having openings in your roof due to missing or broken shingles increases your risk of having leaks occur. Roof tune-ups typically include replacing loose or missing shingles up to a certain amount so your roof can fully protect your home. 

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Original article source: Go Roof Tune Up 

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