The power of a multi-talented contractor

AAR Multi-Talented Contractor
May 22, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

By Emma Peterson. 

Learn why finding a contractor that does more than one type of project is beneficial to homeowners. 

In this AskARoofer podcast episode, host Megan Ellsworth got to sit down with the Kruse Brothers, Randy and Steve, from LP Building Solutions and homeowner Alice Reynolds to discuss how to best choose siding for your home or building. Using their decades of experience, Randy and Steve “are out in the field working and helping contractors with trends they are seeing whether it's roofing or siding or any exterior stuff.” Randy explained that a lot of their motivation comes from working with both homeowners and contractors so that all parties are on the same page and making the best choices. 

Randy gave some advice to homeowners trying to find the right contractor. He shared, “We think it's important that a homeowner chooses a contractor that does multi-tiered business like ours so that they have someone to work with in the future if they have a problem.” He explained that something like a water leak might not be a roofing issue, but rather a siding issue. By working with a contractor that specializes in multiple areas, rather than only one, home and building owners don’t have to worry about bringing in a number of specialists to address each individual issue.  

Steve elaborated, “When you call a company that can do multiple things, they can actually look at the issue and decipher if it's a roof or a siding leak versus someone that may just blame somebody else.” An additional benefit of working with the same contractor on multiple projects is that your relationship with them is already established; you already have built trust and a working relationship. 

Finding that multi-talented contractor might seem intimidating, but the internet gives you plenty of options! Social media especially can be a powerful tool to see examples of a contractor’s work in the field – and how many different types of projects they can take on. For the contractors out there, Steve explained, “Many times we'll look at someone's website or they don't have an Instagram handle and the homeowners don't know if you are the right contractor for them because you are not showing what you can actually do.”  

Read the transcript or Listen to the full episode learn more about the siding options you have for your home!

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About Emma

Emma is a content intern for the Coffee Shops and AskARoofer™. When she's not writing, she enjoys a good movie night with friends and trying to cook new recipes.

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