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December 15, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

This re-roofing project from JnJ Restorations made them a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor 2022 Project of the Year Winner.

Sprawling and impressive, the estate in Napierville, Illinois looked like a winner right from the start. So it’s no surprise that the re-roofing project featuring DaVinci Multi-Width Slate was named a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor 2022 Project of the Year Winner.  

“I knew as soon as we were installing the DaVinci roof, this home was worthy of recognition,” says Jason Chase, owner of JnJ Restorations. “When we saw the final product and the last drone shots I knew this one could be a Project of the Year winner. It’s not often that I saw ‘WOW’ after a finished project, but this roof is simply beautiful.” 

Overview: 2022 Project of the Year 

For Chase to feel such a connection with a DaVinci roofing project really says something. After all, he completes an average of 30 DaVinci projects a year. 

“This is simply the most stunning roof I’ve ever installed,” says Chase, “It’s also the most challenging and complex DaVinci roof I’ve ever installed. However, the end result is a thing of beauty. In my 20 years of roofing, this is my all-time favorite project.” 

The homeowners chose a European blend of colors for the complicated roof structure of their home. The colors include Light, Medium and Dark Gray with Light and Dark Purple sprinkled in. Once complete, the roof capped off the impressive home and left the owners feeling very good about both the roofing product and the roofing team. 

“The JnJ Restoration team provided a quality job and a top-level roof that was completely aligned with our interests,” says John, the homeowner. “Their professional talents helped make this a very successful project. The entire team was very courteous, prompt and accommodating in many ways. They were extremely considerate of our living needs within their day-to-day schedule and they worked smoothly with other trades people. These folks are real professionals.” 

“JnJ Restoration proved to be one of the most efficient and organized trades we’ve used to date. From start to finish we felt they looked after our best interests. From their overall plan, design and pricing to their day-to-day friendliness and progress updates, we were impressed by Jason and his entire crew.” 

Insights from a winning roofer 

JnJ Restoration operates out of both Glen Ellyn and Evanston, Illinois. The company services Chicagoland’s North and West suburbs. Chase is a long-time believer in composite roofing products and shared his insights on using them to grow his business. 

Q: How did you get started in the roofing business? 

A: After 13 years in the mortgage business, and having owned my own brokerage shop, I was ready for a new challenge. I really just happened to stumble into the storm restoration business through a friend. Now I’ve been in the industry for 18 years. 

Q: What makes your company recommend DaVinci products over competitive composite products? 

A: Quite simply, the staying power of DaVinci products is second to none. 

Q: How have DaVinci products helped increase sales for your company? 

A: When you install such a superior product like DaVinci, people talk. When a brand new DaVinci roof goes up in a neighborhood, the neighbors always want to know more. This easily leads to more business for JnJ Restoration. 

Q: When selling DaVinci products to a new customer, what are the features and benefits that customers react best to? 

A: Unlike wood shakes, which require continuous maintenance after so many years, this is an easy care roof, and people like that. My favorite line is saying that this is a roof that you can put on and forget about. That works. 

Q: Finally, if you absolutely had to change professions tomorrow, what do you think you’d do? 

A: That’s easy. My hobby — or second semi full-time job is as a trader. I love trading the markets, so I’d change and go in that direction! 

Learn more about DaVinci Roofscapes here.   

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