Roof Tune-Ups Explained

Go Roof Tune Up Tune Ups Explained
August 18, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Go Roof Tune Up.  

The difference between a tune-up and roof repair and why a roof tune-up is important.  

Roof tune-ups identify problems before they become a much larger issue. Conversely, roof repair is more spot-specific and usually more expensive. For maximum longevity and savings, here are some key takeaways about roof tune-ups.   

Inspections after heavy storms  

All residential roofs should withstand severe weather conditions, but sometimes nature can be fiercer than expected. Even the best-designed roofs can often experience damage from major storms due to falling tree branches, high winds and heavy rain. Roofs built to last for decades can get degraded by flying debris and moisture. The roofing specialist must look for loose, worn, torn, or curled shingles and make sure water isn't seeping through the roof.  

Usually, the worst damage comes from extreme weather conditions, which is why a good time for a roof tune-up is after such a storm to make sure your roof remains in top shape. The more a roofing specialist can identify and fix even small problems early, the more you can protect your roof's durability.  

Proactive maintenance  

Certified and capable roofers inspect and evaluate your roof components' condition to identify areas where leaks may develop. Waterproofing is a dependable strategy for vents, chimneys and skylights. Checking the gutters is also essential to make sure they aren't clogged and allow water to drain correctly.  

Roofers will clean off debris and replace old, damaged, or missing shingles or tiles. Cracked shingles can lead to leaks, so they must be spotted early. The mold must be removed to prevent further spreading, which can lead to expensive repair in addition to health hazards and degradation of the roof's aesthetic value.  


Getting a regular roof tune-up is similar to getting a car tune-up. It's helpful to be aware of the condition to avoid more significant maintenance issues down the road. Our certified roofers can extend the life of your roof by taking proactive steps and giving it proper care and attention. 

Read more about the tune up process in part two.  

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Original article source: Go Roof Tune Up


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