Rain Gutter Cleaning - How Often Should it Be Done?

May 8, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

How often you should have your gutters cleaned and why.

A clean rain gutter or eave trough system is important for them to do their job. Their job is to control the rainwater exiting from the roof overhangs. If not kept clear of debris, damage can occur to the roof overhangs, wall coverings and even windows when a rain overflows from them.

A house or building near a tree will need the most attention. In the fall when the leaves drop, is a crucial time to have rain gutters cleaned. It is just like the leaves on the ground. You can rake a ton of them and then in a few days there is a bunch more for you to rake. When cleaning the gutters the best time is after the last leaf has fallen. I also recommend in the spring to have a look. Winter brings wind and drops branches and twigs on your roof that can enter your gutter system. The wind will even cause roofing materials becoming dislodged from your roof or maybe from the neighbor’s roof. This is a good time for roof repairs also.

Along with the gutters be sure to clean out the downspouts. A trick I found that works, is using a leaf blower from the bottom of the spout blowing upward will dislodge debris better than downward.

Use a licensed contractor for any work done on your home. Use fall protection when on the roof. Below is a gutter that has gone a few years without cleaning.

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Allen Adams
October 6, 2013
I always recommend cleaning at least twice a year and maybe more depending on where you live. Rain buildup can destroy a gutter quick. A quick power washing with a high powered wand should do the trick.

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