Q&A – Seeking Recommendations for Cedar Shake Exposure

Q and A Cedar Shake
August 16, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

Getting ready to install cedar shakes on a house, this New Jersey homeowner wanted to know what the experts suggest for shake exposure. 

With a roof slope that differs from the application instructions, Kirk, a homeowner in north New Jersey, turned to the experts for guidance on what the shake exposure should be. He asked: 

I'm installing cedar shakes (18" x 3/4, heavy resaws) on a house that has a section with a 3.5 slope shed roof (22' x 14'). The application instructions recommend exposure of 7.5" for a 4:12 or steeper slope roof. What would you recommend the shake exposure to be for the 3.5" section? Thanks for your help. 

Our resident expert roofer, John Stout with Go Roof Tune Up™, had this to say in response: 

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau Manual shows a detail for shake roofs on low pitch (less than 4:12). The detail shows a lattice built over a BUR or another approved roof system with shakes installed on the lattice in normal fashion. 

Local code and building departments have expectations of contractors following the code. It may save some time to check with your local building department, they may have some acceptable alternatives. This is especially true when the low pitch area is less than 10% of the total roof area.   

We hope this information helps! 

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