Q&A – Do I Need Gable Vents to Improve my Air Conditioning Function?

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August 24, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

Despite having a new roof and siding installed in the last few years, this Pennsylvania homeowner is struggling to keep upstairs cool with her new air conditioning unit and turned to the experts for advice. 

Lyn, a homeowner in Pennsylvania who continues to battle the weather on her second floor, asked the following: 

Do I need gable vents if I have a top vent? The house was built in the mid 70s and upstairs is always hot in summer and cold in winter. New siding and roof were installed three years ago. A new AC unit was installed this month and we were told we needed side vents if the upstairs is to be cooler. Getting mixed advice. 

Our roofing expert, Marty Stout with Go Roof Tune Up™, had this to say in response:    


Your attic needs to breathe in cool air from the lower sections of the roof (eave) and exhaust the hot air at the top (ridge, gable). Adding venting at the upper section of the attic will not help properly ventilate the attic unless it is along with adding the amount of venting to the lower section. 

Most venting professionals recommend a 50 percent upper and 50 percent lower mix with a total net free air space of at least 1 square inch to 300 square inches. Some building departments require 1/150. But always 50 percent exhaust, 50 percent intake.

Many companies that make attic ventilation products have very helpful calculators on their website. 

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