Q&A – Choosing the best gutters to install

Q&A – Metal Roof Experts - Choosing the best gutters to install
February 13, 2024 at 6:00 a.m.

Wanting to do the job right the first time, this homeowner asked for some advice about gutters for their metal corrugated roof.

Craig, a homeowner from Texas, was looking to install gutters on his roof and asked:

I have a metal corrugated roof, 8-9 on 12 pitch and about 3.5 inches of overhang past the drip edge. What would be the best way to install gutters and what kind? Thanks!

Our roofing expert Kyle Nurminen from Total Roofing Systems - The Metal Roof Experts had the following advice for Craig:

Hello Craig,

In this sort of situation, it is best to have a gutter professional visit your actual site.  This will allow them to assess the existing fascia to see if it is sufficient to support a gutter, or if they may have to go with a flange-back gutter that is supported through the top of the roof deck and your panels.  It will also help them determine what size gutter you may need in order to sufficiently handle the water run-off based upon the amount of roof area upslope.

Above and beyond those two factors, with this slope, you would be looking at more of a commercial style box gutter (I would say at least 7") that can be additionally strapped from the exterior edge to the tops of your panel ribs rather than just spiked through the fascia.  Water can pick up a lot of momentum on this much slope, that will certainly place additional load on a traditionally spiked, K-Style, residential gutter.

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