Q & A - What Size Nail Do I Use for the Ridge Cap?

April 20, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Pete asks, "What size nail do I use for the ridge cap?"

If you use a high definition ridge cap and only one layer of shingles, you need about a two-inch nail. The code says nails should penetrate through the roof sheathing or into the roof sheathing 3/4 of an inch. Most roofers use nail guns and are limited to 1 & 3/4 inch comp gun nails. I advise hand nailing with a 2 or 2.5-inch nail. Be sure not to nail through the overhangs. It is unprofessional and looks bad.

Here, Steve Jobe is blind nailing. That doesn’t mean he has his eyes closed. No, it means he has laid out the high definition ridge capS in a straight line, nails ONE then covers that nail area with the next ridge cap. So on and so on, resulting in no nails showing or blind nailing.

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