Q & A - Can You Use Staples for Fasteners When Re-roofing?

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October 18, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Many manufacturers prefer nails over staples.

Ronald Asked, "Can you still use staples for fasteners when re-roofing?"

For the sake of discussion, we will use asphalt shingles as the subject material for this question. Most roofers are using nails. It honestly has better holding strength because of the head of the nail being 3/8 inch in diameter vs the staples narrow wire crown.

nailing diagram

Most causes for blow-offs are, in my experience has been, poor nail locations of stapled shingles. Roofers tend to speed nail and lose control of nail placement. Using staples you must keep the staples horizontal with the shingle and in the proper nail zone. I see the nailing patterns high and arch-like, as seen by the green line. The correct zone to nail is where the blue dots are and is much easier to position when using nails and slowing down.

Most manufacturers prefer nails referring to them in specification sheets. Unless clearly stated on the package, I would use the nails. Some jurisdictions disallow staples all together, so a call to the local building department is advised.

The price of staples may be a little less but normally results in less quality, if not installed by true craftsmen in my opinion.

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