Property Owners Urged to Request Stormseal® Protection for Damaged Structures

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November 13, 2020 at 9:06 p.m.

The innovative storm protection solution heat shrinks to damaged structures, providing superior protection over flapping tarps that lead to additional damage.

Stormseal, the game-changing storm response solution that provides powerful protection to homes and buildings until permanent repairs can be made, is urging property owners in areas ravaged by hurricanes to contact a Stormseal-certified contractor for temporary protection of their homes or businesses.   

“The extent of property damage caused by hurricanes cannot be temporarily repaired with flimsy tarps,” said Matthew Lennox, CEO of Stormseal. “Property owners should seek a solution like Stormseal that shrink wraps to the structure and seals it to keep rain out, preventing further damage for up to a year or more.”

Often following massive storms, contractors are backlogged for months with repair work. Tarps that have been placed on damaged homes end up flapping in the wind or blowing off completely, allowing rain to enter the structure and cause further damage. Stormseal eliminates that problem by sealing itself around damaged roofs and walls to provide unsurpassed temporary protection from the elements until permanent repairs can be made.

“When Hurricane Michael slammed into Mexico Beach, Florida, it was months until damaged homes could be repaired,” said Lennox. “Stormseal made those homes 100 percent watertight and prevented further damage. Residents of hard-hit communities can enjoy that same level of protection when they ask for Stormseal.”

Stormseal has protected more than 4,000 properties in the United States and over 9,000 nationwide. Waterproof, able to withstand hail and 100 mile per hour winds, Stormseal is the smart choice for temporary protection.

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About Stormseal

Stormseal is a strong polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to cover a damaged structure and stays put until permanent repairs are made. When Stormseal is installed on a damaged roof or wall, the application of heat shrinks the film, enhancing its strength and ensuring a perfect fit to the structure, without damaging any underlying materials. For more information visit

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