New Modular Wall Panel Series Offered by ATAS

November 25, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

ATAS International has added another profile to their concealed fastener wall panel offering. 

The Design Wall™ Reveal is a modular wall panel series designed as a drained and back ventilated (D/BV) assembly. This puts an air gap and drainage plane  between the panel system and structural wall, allowing wind-driven rain or moisture to escape the building envelope without entering the building.  D/BV systems are also designed to remove moisture that penetrates it through vapor drive from within the building or from the outside environment.

The panels are offered in various widths, depths, and lengths to create a unique appearance. It may be installed horizontally or vertically without the need for any sealants, gaskets, or splines to create the dry joint.  Panels are installed from the top of the wall down, and from left to right.  Design Wall Reveal is a great light-gauge alternative to other heavier plate and Metal Composite Material (MCM) panels.  This new modular panel can be perforated, for use as equipment screens, sunshades, or for other building aesthetics.

This profile is a new twist on an existing product, creating a contemporary look.  It is available in .032, .040, and .050 aluminum, with panel coverages of 8”, 10”, or 12”.  Custom widths are available in 1” increments, and a high-pressure clip is optional.  The panel has a 1” reveal, which is a wider reveal than some of the other ATAS panels.  It is available in two panel depths: 1-3/4” overall, with a 1-1/4” reveal depth (DSR) and 1-1/8” overall, with a 1/2” reveal depth (DWR), and in lengths from 3’-0” up to 15’-0”.  The panel comes with a smooth surface or can be stucco or wood grain embossed (wood grain embossing in the DWR only).  Design Wall Reveal is available in over 40 stock colors in a high-performance paint finish, and in clear satin or dark bronze anodized aluminum.  Woodland Series and Oxide Series high performance prints coats are other options.  A complete line of trims are available in matching colors, gauge, and finish, or as specified.  Mixing of various panel depths, widths, lengths, colors, and surface textures gives a designer a vast range of choices to create their vision for the building.

Jim Bush, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated, “We are seeing more exterior walls being designed with Metal Composite Material and metal plate type systems, however, not all budgets can accommodate the use of those products.  The weight of those heavier systems and ease of handling is also of concern on some projects.  With Design Wall Reveal, along with other ATAS modular wall products, we can offer an alternative with a wide variety of profiles.  Our products offer longevity, quality, and traceability, as they are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility with the USA, which results in a product on which buildings owners and architects can rely on.”

About ATAS International, Inc.
Founded in 1963, ATAS International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of metal roofingwall claddingceilingsperimeter edge metal, and accessories. The ATAS portfolio features an expansive selection of products available in aluminum, steel, zinc, stainless steel, and copper. Standard profiles include narrow and wide ribbed wall panels, corrugated styles, standing seam and batten seam roof systems, metal shingles, shakes, tiles, and more. Additional options include curved, tapered, and perforated panelsconcealed or exposed fasteners; smooth or embossed textures; horizontal and vertical applications; and a choice of over thirty stock colors with 70% PVDF finish.

With sustainability at the forefront of modern building design, ATAS proudly supports green building objectives with high-performance solutions, such as solar-ready roof panelsinsulated metal panelscool roofing products, and solar air heating wall panels. The ATAS team consists of product and market specialists that provide a high level of support for your project, from initial discovery and design to installation.  ATAS has ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing locations located in Allentown, PA and Mesa, AZ. 

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