Metal roofing is the first line of defense against wildfire

AEP Fire-Resistant Metal Podcast
November 10, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Nicole Sharples.

Understand the various tests, materials and components that make up a fire-resistant roof system. 

In a recent episode of the AskARoofer Podcast, hosts Megan Ellsworth and Lauren White talk with Richard King, Shaun Page and Jeff Haddock from BlueScope, the parent company of AEP Span and ASC Building Products, about fire-resistant metal roofing and corrugated metal roofing. Your home is more than a home, it’s a safe treasure trove of memories and BlueScope wants to help you keep it that way with their fire-resistant materials. 

Metal is a naturally non-combustible material. This might seem straightforward, but there are different classifications of fire-resistance when it comes to roofing materials — Class A, Class B and Class C. To receive a fire rating, metal roofing goes through a series of tests. “One of those tests is through Underwriters Laboratories, which we call a UL 790 test. Basically, it's a flame spread test to ensure that the panels aren't going to communicate fire readily to the structure,” Jeff, the technical services manager for AEP Span and ASC Building Products, shared.  

While the rooftop is the first line of defense against fire, it’s important for the whole roofing system to work together to prevent spreading fire. “Metal in and of itself is a great material, and obviously for embers and stuff like that, it doesn't spread fire, but people have to think about their whole structure and the whole home, that the layer of metal on the top is just one element of that total solution,” Richard, marketing manager for BlueScope, explained. “When you're thinking about fire resistance and fire prevention, it's that total solution, and doing everything in unison, which is the most important thing, as opposed to just selecting one material here, one material there.” 

Part of that total solution is the correct installation of your metal roof. Jeff shared, “Metal roofing is not a shingle roof, it does not install the same, though some of the details are a little bit, some of them might be used a little bit, but the way that all comes together is much different. So really it boils down to vet your installer or contractor that you've hired for that.” 

Read the transcript or listen to the podcast to learn more about fire-resistant metal and how it can protect your home.

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