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May 14, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter.  

This free roofing warranty and maintenance service can help you catch roof problems early on, avoiding expensive repairs.  

Roofs rarely fail overnight; damage is usually caused by unnoticed problems that gradually spiral into major issues that can be expensive to repair. A systematic roof inspection and maintenance program is vital to the long-term performance of any roof. You don’t want to have to prematurely replace your entire roof system just because you missed a small issue that could have been remedied early on.  

That’s why MBTechnology offers MBCare, to select membranes installed by approved contractors. Most roofing material manufacturers will only return to your site if you report a leak, the MB care warranty is going beyond expectations. The free inspection, roof evaluation, non-proprietary specification writing, budget preparation and maintenance are all a part of the program. Plus, they even extend their services such as specification writing and assessment reports on a case-by-case bases to all type of roofs. 

MBCare starts from the first day, with technicians providing on site installation supervision to guarantee that specifications are followed to the letter. Then MBTechnology experts will proactively inspect your roof every four years, at no cost to you, to evaluate the condition of your roof. MBCare will also deliver a comprehensive report detailing your roofs condition and trouble spots to look out for, complete with photos and detailed, easy-to-understand descriptions of the roof’s overall condition and of every area requiring remediation or replacement.  

The complete range of complementary roof services allows you to uncover potential roof problems catching issues in early stages or preventing them altogether. They’ll even repair and do free maintenance on minor items, including, vent cap and other protrusion failure, damage from HVAC and other equipment, general water damage, clearing branches and other debris, managing foot traffic damage and reinforcing seam integrity.  

MBCare aims to ensure your MBTechnology roofing system continues to perform as designed across its entire life cycle. Get one of the most unique warranties the industry has to offer for free, see if you qualify  for MBCare services.  

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