Master Builders Solutions Granted Innovation Award for MasterProtect NFF 2000 IN

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July 30, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

Master Builders Solutions received the prestigious innovation award for our new inorganic and multifunctional MasterProtect NFF foam technology in the category of concrete technology.

At the “Ulmer BetonTage” 2022 industry event, Master Builders Solutions received the prestigious innovation award for our new inorganic and multifunctional MasterProtect NFF foam technology in the category of concrete technology. "We are very pleased, as this award recognizes our development of a groundbreaking product that sets a new benchmark for sustainable innovation in building insulation and opens up new business opportunities for our customers," says Herwig Heegewaldt, responsible for the Master Builders Solutions business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“MasterProtect NFF 2000 IN offered in combination with the associated production process is an innovation specifically developed for the precast concrete and concrete brick industry. Our combined offer of raw material and manufacturing process enables very local production of mineral insulation foam based on cementitious dry mortar; this can be used in panels or foamed insulation layers," says Markus Brambach, business development manager. "By locally foaming on-site in the concrete plant, we eliminate the expensive and non-sustainable transport of air voids between foam and concrete plant.”

Master Builders Solutions' new portfolio of non-flammable foams (NFF) is specifically designed for prefabrication and insulation applications across a range of industry sectors. The foam technology offers significant advantages, especially for the precast concrete industry. Production residues can be directly re-used as filler, the dry mortar silo raw material saves storage space and the chemical foaming technology allows very high production speed (up to factor 15x compared to mechanically produced mineral foams) while maintaining maximum flexibility in terms of the desired end properties.

In contrast to other cementitious foams, MasterProtect NFF 2000 IN allows the production of a stable foam at very low density by employing microparticles. As a result, up to 10% b.m. recycled residues can be used, which basically means zero waste production. Waste material can also be re-used as a filler in concrete. "These properties clearly set a new benchmark in terms of sustainability and non-combustibility (A1 classification) in addition to the customer benefit of very low-energy consumption in the production process," says Heegewaldt.

The innovation award of the precast supplier industry is awarded annually by FBF Betondienst, the organizer of “Ulmer BetonTage,” and the trade journal "BFT International Betonwerk + Fertigteil-Technik." The award recognizes outstanding innovations in the field of concrete technology. Evaluation criteria include the degree of innovativeness and the originality of the idea, its relevance for the precast industry, the market and application potential as well as the application of technological standards.

Further information on inorganic insulation made from MasterProtect NFF foams can be found here.

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