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Elite Make Any Home Superior
May 8, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Elite Roofing. 

Don’t have space for a fabulous backyard but still yearn for that special nook? Consider a roof deck and the benefits of having a place to make yours.  

Having an outdoor space for parties, gardening or even just peace and quiet is the epitome of home sweet home. An Elite Roofing deck could make your dream a reality especially if you live in an enclosed area with no backyard. A flat roof is all you need to become the envy of all your neighbors.  

Benefits of installing a roof deck onto your home 

The view: Unlike traditional American backyards where normally you don’t get much of a view from the ground level, adding a roof deck to your home allows you to get an elevated view, literally. From mountain tops to valleys to inner cities, you can see across the horizon. 

Private outdoor space: Many houses and apartments in urban areas, such as Manhattan for example, often have shared outdoor spaces for their residents to enjoy. Although this isn’t a concern or issue for many people, some people like the idea of having their own space, especially in a home that they personally own. Adding a roof deck is the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space, privately.  

A place to relax: Living in a condo, apartment or even a townhome, a balcony sounds ideal, but a roof deck would be even better. Lying on a hammock reading your favorite book sounds as relaxing as it can be. Regardless of what your idea of relaxing is, you’re sure to be able to kick your feet up and chill on an amazing outdoor deck! There simply wouldn’t be enough room on a balcony. 

A place to entertain: The idea of going to a restaurant or bar that has a rooftop deck seems luxurious but imagine that luxury being just steps away from your living room! Now your home can be the main spot for entertaining your family and friends. Add a BBQ grill and some cocktails and you’ll have a good time! We’ve even had past roof deck customers put up outdoor projector screens for movie nights. Whatever your idea of entertainment is, you’ll be able to make those dreams into a reality on your brand-new roof deck. 

A space for your pets to enjoy: Not only will you enjoy your rooftop deck, but so will your furry friends! Many homeowners in crowded areas only have the option to walk their dogs, limiting the amount of outside time their pets get. With a roof deck, your pets can now enjoy the upcoming spring weather and sunbathe as much as they want! Not only can and will your pet enjoy this outdoor space, but you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your pet is in a fenced-in area that you can easily view from your window. 

Rooftop gardening: Having your very own garden in an urban setting is no longer a dream but now a reality! Not only do roof decks provide ample entertainment space but allow space (and lots of sun exposure) to have a rooftop garden. Put a few planters up there (or even a mini greenhouse) and you’ll have a bounty of fresh fruits and veggies all summer long!  

Increases property value: Not only does adding a roof deck to your property increase enjoyment, but it increases property value as well. Roof decks, especially those with a nice view, can easily add 5-8% resale value depending on your market, and can also increase rental income. Regardless if you’re adding a roof deck to your home for personal use or for your tenants’ use, your property’s value can and will increase.  

Elite Roofing’s favorite roofing materials 

When you work with Elite Roofing, we only use the best and highest quality roofing and decking materials that will last throughout the seasons, unlike other local contractors. A few brands that we commonly use are Trex Decking, Duralife Decking and Barrette Outdoor Living. We find that the decking materials from these brands withstand the test of time, are quality-made, and are simply gorgeous. Because of the plethora of different wood grains, color options and overall styles, these materials can be customized to your specific taste and style! If you’d like, you can visit their websites using the links below to get ideas and inspiration for your new roof deck. 

What our customers say about our roof decks 

"I found Elite Roofing via the internet, and I couldn't be happier. I needed to extend my rooftop deck and they were with me every step of the way from getting the permits to the final inspection. I highly recommend Elite Roofing for any of your roofing needs. Not only is Al super professional his entire staff is truly the dream team. From Karyn to Mike, Brent, and Vinny." -Eric L. of Jersey City, NJ (5-Star Google Review) 

 "Elite roofing did a fantastic job with my roof deck. They recommended a material that was beautiful and an ideal match for my lifestyle. The workmanship was excellent and everything far exceeded my expectations. Several visitors have said that it is the most beautiful roof deck in Jersey City. I absolutely agree!" -Diane S. of Jersey City, NJ (5-Star Google Review) 

What to do if you’re interested in getting a roof deck  

Elite Roofing is your one-stop-shop for all your roofing and exterior needs! Whether you're looking to add a roof deck for family entertainment, or just to sit and have your morning coffee, Elite Roofing can create a custom roof deck for your property that will exceed your expectations! 

It is important to note that if you want to build a roof deck on your property, you should start as soon as possible as some places require specific permits, which can take longer than the actual deck would take to be built. Luckily, we are experts in applying for permits to assist you with this process. 

If you’re interested in receiving a roof deck or learning more about the process of applying for a permit for a roof deck be sure to contact us here at Elite! Contact us today by calling (201)436-1011, email us at for more information! If you’d like, you can also fill out the free estimate form on our website using this link: 

If you’d like to check out some of our past and current Roof Deck projects, be sure to check out our Roof Deck page using this link! 

Original article source: Elite Roofing

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Elite Roofing is a family-owned & operated business founded in 2005 by Al Torrella. Al had been a roofer for 30+ years until he went into the corporate world. After working in corporate, he decided that he wanted to go back to his passion: roofing. Only this time he had the means to create his own business, and thus Elite Roofing was born.

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