Is a Metal Roof Right for Your Home? Here are 4 Reasons to Consider Metal

AAR 4 Reasons to Consider Metal
September 10, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Classic Metal Roofing Systems.  

There are many benefits to choosing a metal roof for your home. Here are four reasons to choose metal!  

Looking for the perfect new roof is no easy task, especially with such a wide and diverse market of various roofing materials to choose from. Thanks to the technological advancements of the 21st century, there are plenty of options that would make a great roof, but here are four reasons from the experts at Classic Metal Roofing Systems, a division of Isaiah Industries, for why metal roofing should be number one on your list!  

1 – You are seeking a specific style 

Maybe you want to stand out in your neighborhood, blend in or complement your home’s existing style. Metal is the most versatile roofing material and boasts various styles, shapes and colors. One of our Seattle customers decided they wanted a distinct style to match their recently renovated home. 

2 – You don’t want to go through the re-roofing process again 

Who can blame you? We understand that picking a new roof, finding a trustworthy contractor and waiting for installation can be challenging. Quality metal roofing lasts much longer than standard asphalt shingles, usually two to three times longer. Our metal roofing’s excellent warranties give you peace of mind that you’ve made a sound financial decision. You may never have to re-roof again. 

3 – You are worried about natural disasters, severe weather or fire 

Your roof plays a big part in your home’s safety against the elements. We’ve experienced an increase in fires, severe storms and harsh weather around the globe. Metal has both the certifications and the practical proof of its toughness; ask these homeowners who chose a metal roof right before Hurricane Ida. 

4 – You want to save money on energy bills 

We all want to save money on energy with increasing prices and inflation. Remember those technological advancements mentioned before? One of the best is a heat-reflective finish for metal roofing. Today’s paint is so good that it helped save an Arizona customer 25% on his energy bill. 

Original article source: Classic Metal Roofing Systems. 

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