Innovative Rig Helps Contractors Roof in the Cold

May 4, 2021 at 6:00 A.M.

By 4C’s Spray Equipment

The HULK, HULK dispensing gun and heated blankets will keep contractors roofing during the colder months. 

The Heated Urethane Low-rise Adhesive Kart (HULK) features an impressive 110′ heated hose, that keeps crews working through the winter and reduces the amount of time they must spend moving hoses, barrels and pumps on the rooftop, keeping your project timelines and deadlines on track. Only 34-inches wide, the HULK is easy to wheel through standard door openings. The dead leg prevents it from rolling during use and features an easy tilt for when it is time to move it. The aluminum, weather-resistant frame and cart hold two 15-gallon drums. 

Contractors love the HULK as Keegan Tune of Western Specialty Contractors shared, “It's the best heated spray rig on the market. It's a solid product with a good team behind it, that I would definitely buy again.” 

The patented HULK dispensing gun features an air purge handle and a fluid handle that allow contractors to quickly switch between a spatter/splatter installation to a bead pattern, making it convenient for every commercial roofing adhesive job. The HULK gun can be used with either heated or non-heated systems as well as with other manufacturers’ equipment. The new and improved patented design will have roofing crews operating efficiently and with improved accuracy. 

We know the importance of keeping materials warm in colder weather and that is why we carry heated blankets for all tanks and drums and have a large inventory available to meet your contractors winter roofing needs. 

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About 4C’s Spray Equipment 

4C’s Spray Equipment was founded by Mike and Jean Calaman in 1997. Mike spent many years working in the construction and roofing industry before taking on a role at Carlisle Syntec when their FleeceBACK product was introduced to the industry. Once that line was up and running, Mike saw an opportunity to start 4C’s Spray Equipment and spent the next 20 years working on, repairing and replacing the traditional two component machines before inventing the HULK (Heated, Urethane, Low-rise Adhesive, Kart). The HULK is a professional system that provides what contractors need and performs without the traditional breaks and common flaws that cause downtime and equipment failure. Learn more at


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