How to Know When You’ve Found the Right Roofer

DaVinci How to Know You Found the Right Roofer
January 17, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes. 

Learn how far this roofing office manager and sales associate will go to ensure her customers get the roof of their dreams. 

Jimberly Rooney loves everything about her job. For the last nine years she’s guided homeowners step-by-step through their roofing projects. From the first phone call inquiry to follow up calls a year after the roof has been installed, Rooney embraces every aspect of her role at Scott Miley Roofing. 

“I take every roof personally,” says Rooney, the office manager/sales associate for Scott Miley Roofing out of Hailey, Idaho. “I want only the best for each client. We all do. The crews and supervisors on site take care of every detail. This is definitely a team effort! 

“At our business, I’m the first person to talk with a homeowner when they call. After that I set up appointments for reviews and estimates. In addition, I take samples to the job site. My role is to stay on top of each project until it’s completed perfectly.” 

Rooney’s passion for her work is part of what makes her a great roofer. While she’s not up on the roof installing the shingles, she is there to handle every need of the homeowner. She’s backed up on the job site by a dedicated team that pays special attention to all the installation details. 

Recommending DaVinci 

For a recent project in Ketchum, Idaho, Rooney enjoyed another start-to-finish experience. 

A homeowner came to Scott Miley Roofing with a 30-year-old log and stucco home. Built into the hillside, the sprawling three-story house has 9,600-square-feet of space. However, on top of the home sat old, worn out natural cedar shakes. 

“The shake roof had run out of life on this home,” says Rooney. “The homeowner requested high-end asphalt shingles. I just could not let that happen. 

“Due to the design and style of the house I immediately recommended composite multi-width shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes. This house needs the look of shake. However, in our area real shake can no longer be installed due to fire concerns. DaVinci products, with their Class A fire rating, are the next best thing to real shake.” 

Color selection 

For this home reroofing project, Rooney had to both educate and encourage the homeowner to invest in DaVinci shake. 

“I went to the home and climbed on the roof with the DaVinci samples,” says Rooney. “I spread them out so the owner could see how realistic and beautiful her home would look with the composite shakes. 

“Once she saw the samples up there, she agreed that aesthetically the home really needed the DaVinci Multi-Width Shake product.” 

With the product decision made, the next choice came to color. 

The exterior of the home and surrounding natural scenery made Aged Cedar the perfect selection. Part of DaVinci’s Nature Crafted Collection, Aged Cedar reflects a burnt reddish cedar tone. The color is generally found when there’s a transition from a new cedar shake roof into the weathered deeper tone. It’s an ideal color to accentuate the stucco and log cabin. 

“The homeowner LOVES the color choice,” says Rooney. “She’s amazed at the authentic look of the roof. It really blends in with her setting.” 

Details, details 

The installers with Scott Miley Roofing worked on this roof for three months. The team installs up to 10 DaVinci roofs each year. And, they’ve been installing DaVinci composite roofing for the past 10 years. They’re invested in creating the perfect roof for every client. 

As part of the design for this project’s new roof, the team at Scott Miley Roofing worked with Ice Control Engineering on snow guards. It’s a Blaine County code that snow retention systems be installed at all doorways and walkways. The homeowner followed the roofer’s advice and also had them installed on all the eaves of the home. 

“Because this is a three-story home, snow accumulation could be a problem,” says Rooney. “The snow guards we put in place will help reduce the chance of snow ‘avalanching’ off the roof. This way the homeowner is kept safer.” 

Long-term support 

With the project now complete, Rooney’s commitment does not end. She will follow up with the homeowner throughout the next year with any questions or concerns she has — especially after her first winter with her new roof. 

“Each of us wants only the best for each client we serve,” says Rooney. “The fact that homeowners trust my judgment and opinion is very satisfying. 

“If getting up on the roof is the best way to make the sale, then that’s what I will do. I want our clients to know how invested I am in their project. Every roofing customer deserves the highest quality of customer service we can provide. It’s my privilege to provide that service.” 

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Original article source: DaVinci Roofscapes

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